Security Cameras AHD: What’s the Best?

Security Cameras Ahd

Security cameras AHD are modern security cameras, with technology (Analogic High Definition) and HD image quality.

If you are wanting to purchase a camera with AHD or a camera with high resolution able to recognize a license plate or the face of a person, we display the cameras AHD.

In our article we will show what are the types of security cameras AHD the market, what are the differences and which is the best.

We did an article comparing with the TVI HD or HD cameras AHD CVIand other security cameras and show why the cameras AHD are the best option.

The AHD technology cameras (Analogic High Definition) translating to the Portuguese “Analogue high-definition” are the most sold in the market, as well as having the best cost-benefit ratio, are those that feature the widest range of models.

This variety of security cameras AHD also due to their different resolutions.

There are 3 types of security cameras AHD. The security cameras AHD L, M AHD or AHD h. you know what is the best?

To answer that question just pay attention to the last letter that defines your resolution.

Security Cameras Ahd L

The security camera AHD L (Low Resolution-translating-low resolution)has the quality of 976x496p and, therefore, lacks quality HD (1280x720p). She doesn’t but your technology AHD is not HD resolution are two different things. Despite not having HD resolution, is still better than the maximum resolution of the analog standard 960–because the resolution/WD1 960/700TVL: 960×480 is smaller than the resolution AHD L that has 976×496.

Security Cameras Ahd M

The security camera AHD M (Medium Resolution-translating-medium resolution) has exactly the quality HD (1280x720p), so we can call her camera with HD resolution.

Security Cameras Ahd H

The security camera AHD H (High Resolution-translating-high resolution) has the image quality Full HD (1920x1080p), so we can call her a camera with Full HD resolution.

If you do not understand this “alphabet soup” now you know what it means.

In this article we talked quickly about the differences between the resolution security cameras AHD.