Secrets of Home Decoration

The summer is now behind us, but it is said that we have to give up the view of many colorful flowers that have welcomed our summer days in the gardens and terraces. We can easily bring all their delicate beauty also inside the house, setting up of compositions that will make even more original and elegant our interiors. For a centerpiece special, a decoration for an event or just an alternative way to decorate a corner of the house, the floral design is a creative and fun way that you can also create their own, by following some simple advice.

Ikebana, the art of flowers

The art of arranging flowers in the pots is an ancient tradition, just think of all ‘ Japanese Ikebana that applies the principles of Zen art of flower , as a method of spiritual elevation. The Ikebana follows very precise rules and if the compositions are simple and elegant apparently, however, conceal a wisdom and a very complex technique.
In this tutorial  you can see how to make a figure with the irises. Find sports wall stickers from foodanddrinkjournal.

Flowers for every occasion

It is important, before you engage in the realization of a flower arrangement, decide on the style, which is in line with the event you want to organize. Whether an elegant dinner, a lunch with friends on the terrace, an exclusive party, we must be careful to improving the environment with flowers in the proper order.

The latest trends are definitely towards a more casual and romantic style with accents vintage , especially in the choice of containers and in flower arrangement. If before they were very fashionable net and minimalist forms, the most popular today are centerpieces with large roses, peonies and dahlias mixed with wild flowers and a delicate foliage that gives structure and depth to the whole without losing lightness. The vessels are enriched with lace and cloth, maybe recycling old coffee containers or using wooden crates.

The delicacy seems in fact the watchword, as in this sleek suspension compositions, reminiscent of a bird nests.

For an important occasion you can be made ​​of more structured compositions, perhaps unusual centerpieces, recovering the iron lanterns and filling them with delicate flowers in pastel tones.The result will be very decorative, with a strong romantic accent.

Unusual containers

As we have seen, in the compositions there are not only flowers and leaves, but also the containers that host them. These can be really of all shapes and materials, indeed, their choice is crucial to determine the style of the composition. Cans and vintage wooden boxes will marry very well with large inflorescences-looking country, but also watering cans in metal or colored jars They lend themselves to accommodate a cascade of flowers.

Why not also use original containers like coffee cups and tea pots, ceramic or cardboard boxes gifts door, adorned with some lace? To create a composition that is truly original we have to use your imagination, combined with originality elements, however, taking care to maintain a style and an identity clearly defined.

Not only on the table: we can place our compositions in other ways, perhaps making them hang from the ceiling or from the supports. The environment will be even more cheerful and decorated, without weighing the table or other horizontal surfaces. Here too green light to the imagination when it comes containers and flowers, trying to match the materials and colors in the best way. For example of wrought iron cages for birds become very attractive if filled with gerberas and roses in pastel tones, but also sophisticated lanterns from the nineteenth-century flavor will be lovely with roses and peonies in bud in them.

How to choose and arrange flowers

It is very important to harmonize the bouquet, choosing a dominant color, which is then enriched with some additional shades, as not to be too much of color and you lose the harmony.It is always advisable to choose a theme, and then decline it in some variants.

In this easy example to follow, the main structure of the bouquet is given by Trachelium with its small purple inflorescences that create a compact cushion in which to enter, as real points of light, the dahlias in a contrasting color. The green Berzelia and ‘ Eucalipthus harmonize the whole.

In this case, a vase with water, but if we use a sponge florist remember to moisten it before applying the flowers and in the following days, to ensure the wellbeing of plants was used.

A small secret to prolong the life of flowers in vases with water is to spray a few drops of bleach to eliminate bacteria decomposition. You can also add a few drops of liquid nutrient for plants, to ensure the necessary nutrients.

To calibrate the arrangement of flowers, you may want to reference the width of the vessel and get enough flowers to fill it about four times. In this way, the composition will be compact, rich and proportionate. In this tutorial you also see how to keep in place the flowers inside the jar: just create a grid with duct tape, and place the bunches in each quadrant, in this way will remain firm and will not mix with each other.

Say it with flowers

Or rather… write it! Not only vessels in fact, but also of large and very romantic flowery letters, to decorate a wall or a vertical surface. In his blog The Mrs and Momma Bird  explains how to make these beautiful compositions.