Search for Recipes: Google is Tastier

I am a self – confessed fan of lasagna, a typical dish of Italy that my dear mother, who has no up that peninsula, makes the most whim. Of course I did not even venture to prepare a delicious lasagna bolognese, for lack of knowledge itself. If I ever take achance to wear the outfit of master cook and put his hand on the mass, however, had a little help from Google.

It is that the search giant launched a tool search specifically focused on revenue, while only available to users in the United States and Japan.

This is just another way to refine search results in what is considered the largest search engine in the world. Currently Google offers filters for various content: videos, pictures, books, blogs, and so on. The Google Recipe View will join these refining options research.

Users of the United States and Japan can already use the Recipe View. To do so, simply use the Google sidebar and select the option Recipes (recipes). The search algorithm of the company will only show those results that are decidedly revenue provided by websites that use their own way of informing ingredients, photos addresses, and that sort of thing.

Still in the sidebar you have choices of ingredients that can enter or not in the recipe. In the search for “cinco de mayo” shows in the screenshot above, for example, is putting the search show only recipes that contain avocado – or not containing avocado, which is even more interesting.

Filtering does not end there. That Internet user to resort to Recipe view, search recipes have to choose the time of preparation of the plate (less than 15 minutes, less than 30 minutes and less than 60 minutes) as well as the amount of calories (less than 100 calories less 300 calories and less than 500 calories).

This is Google allowing us (read: Americans and Japanese users, for now) do more refined searches, from simple options in your sidebar. Something tells me that the competitors have much work ahead.