Samsung Working to Eliminate Problems at Temperatures of Snapdragon 820

As we have seen repeatedly over the past few weeks, it seems Samsung is definitely willing to adopt the new Snapdragon 820 as top choice for his next Galaxy S7. Although a version Exynos is not currently disposable, Qualcomm variant seems to be that on which the manufacturer is aiming more and, to confirm this, lead to rumors from the head Business Korea that demonstrate the commitment by Samsung in this direction.

According to the report, Samsung is working at full speed to eliminate some problems with high temperatures produced by Snapdragon 820 under stress. The company is expected to release a patch, later this month, which will improve control of microprocessor and, if this is not enough, Samsung is also prepared to consider the possibility that it introduced a special system of dissipation within the Terminal (Galaxy S7). This last detail is particularly interesting in that it shows a willingness by Samsung to use at all costs the Snapdragon 820.

We only hope that the patch is sufficient to resolve any problems, since the situation is beginning to assume the contours of a film already seen last year. However, it should be said that, according to the foreign reviews, Nexus 6 p with S810 doesn’t seem to heat up and never reach high temperatures.

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