Samsung Smartphones

The ride to the increase of resolution on Smartphones has always divided between those who believe the users completely useless and enthusiasts who want increasingly defined panels, even at the expense of a good autonomy.

Over the past few years Samsung has increased the resolution of its top of the line every two years, so the 2017 might be the perfect time to switch to the next display 4 k. Although this resolution may not bring any improvement over the current QHD, particularly regarding the user experience, Samsung has other projects in mind, as explained by Kyle Brown, head of the Technology, Content and Launch Management of Samsung.

Brown stressed that the move to 4 k does not introduce improvements such as to create a difference can push users into purchasing a premium product with this technology, however, shows that the adoption of these panels can help the world of virtual reality, where Samsung pushes strongly by partnering with Oculus and vintage smartphones and its Gear VR. A display so defined would have a greater number of pixels available, greatly improving the quality of images displayed in the Viewer.

The Samsung moment is not yet ready to make the switch, but Brown announced that the company has plans to make the jump soon will be able to ensure the mass production of such panels.