Samsung Makes Advertising Face Obama with Selfie

Samsung could advertise with a number of Hollywood sizes located on the famous Oscar Selfie. Now it goes a step further: US President Barack Obama is the star of the latest Samsung sponsored self portraits. It has recorded baseball star David Ortiz, who denies a marketing agreement, however.

Ortiz published the spontaneous self portrait with Obama via Twitter, where Samsung shortly afterwards grabbed it and further spread. Pointing out the used device is saved but the company and provided to this information only in response to Twitter questions: it was the Galaxy note 3, which used also Ellen DeGeneres for her Oscar Selfie. While Samsung itself is decorated with the photo, baseball star Ortiz denied that the snapshot with Obama was denied.

Marketing Serendipity Rather Than New Selfie Coup?

David Ortiz, the star of the Reigning champions of the US baseball league MLB, recently signed an endorsement contract with Samsung mobile. This partnership was now public impact to the application, as the most valuable MLB Pro of last season with his Boston Red Sox loaded for the visit to the White House. After the traditional handover of a personal jerseys to the U.S. President, Ortiz switched a Selfie with Obama – spontaneously from the moment, as he himself says.

“It Had Nothing to Do with No Deals.”

Ortiz told the Boston Globe that he thought of jerseys after presenting at the last minute only to shoot himself even a personal photo beside the posing for the photographers. That had nothing to do with any deals.

Samsung was the thing at least a little differently: “when we heard about the visit to the White House, we have with David and the team worked out how they can share pictures with fans.” The common snapshot with Barack Obama was not planned but also according to Samsung, because there have not been concrete agreements: “we did not know whether or what he would to capture with his note-3 device.”