Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2

The Galaxy Tab S2 line is easy to review. It manages to be all that Samsung has the claim to make it and it represents the alternative more credible, the equivalent for Android iPad. List prices remain high for the category, but the configurations are cheaper than Apple.

For two weeks I try the version from 8 inch 32 GB LTE and I believe, in no uncertain terms, that is the best Android tablets for sale. 9.7-inch model also deserves, but the comparison with Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet ( has far less sharp contours and, anyway, there are technical and functional differences that can compete favorably either without necessarily decide.

Coming back to convenience, Galaxy Tab 2 8 has a list price of 489 euros for LTE version 32 GB. At the end of October is located online at around 400 euros, the same price as iPad Mini 4 16 GB WiFi. The cheapest Apple costa 519 euros, and LTE configurations still has half the space inside. The same speeches you can make between 9.7-inch iPad and Galaxy Tab 2, S2 with about 100 euros of Air still difference in favor of Samsung.

What has changed over a year ago

In order to take stock of the situation and get an idea at least outlined on the top of the range of companies in charge of the two categories. I’m insisting in comparison with iPad for another reason: the Galaxy Tab S2 this year change the shape and size of their screens by pandering to the choices carried out by Apple, so much so that:

In fact, the Galaxy Tab tablet being’s perfect pass for S2 multimedia of tablet-optimized for displaying content, whether they are web pages, magazines, books or apps from Office.SuperAMOLED panels remain their main source of pride, but we say that the change of direction is important and in some contexts even better.

The reduction in weight and size, for example, is the consequence of smaller batteries to last less than last year. Moving the two speakers on the bottom, both on the same side, forces us to be careful not to cover them and is another sacrifice to the multimedia part. Ditto for the rear camera: is great, then we’ll see, but now without LED flash. Samsung changed its top this tablet all in all is a good thing since the old, several are still for sale. There is more choice.

The practical advantages of the new design

I have found wonderful new design. It’s not so much for those 5.6 mm thick or for that Golden/silver/gray coloring, is for the robustness of the metal frame and the solid feel that results. Tab S2 8 gives the idea of a single block, and dense. There is pressure on the glass that can create bubbles underneath, or bending the edges that might lead to crunches or sounds. So you have to just get to do it. And the edges to fit the two long sides make it comfortable and easy to hold with one hand only.

By cons, I have two criticisms in the design–which then would be three, but the position of the speakers have already spoken: 1) the paint of camera back protruding is consumed by dint of struscialo 2) the headphone jack at the bottom is a hassle for those who use the tablet propped on a table, perhaps with one of those supports from 2 euros; It would have been better at the top. But other than that there is a world of difference in terms of pleasure between the S2 and the old S with plaster finish.

For the rest, badly wrong. Android is installed in version 5.0.2 Lollipop (review made in October 2015) with most Samsung smartphones views customizations of the same name.Who is little updated on developments and maybe has a memory-heavy and complicated theUI TouchWiz, do note that everything’s different now: pre-installed is the essential and who wants it can download the Extras.

You notice a certain maturity of Samsung: other manufacturers have heavily customized Android (these days I’m trying a Asus ZenPad S 8.0 with ZenUI, and is a good example of what I mean) but they are still “more things I put the better”.Samsung has surpassed that time.

I found the Windows Multi functional even in 8-inch version, and not just because ultimately there is space and density to tile two apps so convenient. Samsung has included extra tools for this mode, and drag the text blocks, images, links, content from one portion of another, from what may be the browser apps email or Skype, is a clear example of what I mean. Shame about the limits: the Office apps Android are compatible, and then floating on screen mini keyboard that knows of a workaround so inelegant to work around constraints in the management of Android. I mean, in some ways, Samsung had to force things.

It happens that all slow-randomly

This year I see much sense in the UI, and overall user experience is rewarding and high-profile, little bully and noninvasive. The whole is aided by a magnificent display, probably the best in class tablet to display content (which may be little faithful to certain working contexts is another matter). But more about that in a bit.

First, I have to bring some slowdown with certain apps native, and I refer especially to the web browser. In the video review, from minute 4:18, I show you a rather extreme example. The feeling of lag happen almost never (in 2 weeks I ran into “the bug” a couple of times) but there is-and since we are talking about a top of the line can’t play dumb. A Exynos 5433 Octa with 3 GB of RAM and a very fast eMMC by category (the benchmarks are on the screens below) ends up “getting stuck” so random, so roughly? I can hardly believe it; I guess that the problem is in the usual complicated memory management RAM.

The CPU and GPU have inferior performance to the top of the line rivals: an iPad Mini 4 or an Air 2 get scores double or even triple in benchmarks and especially in the graphics, but basically they use SoC. It is difficult to make comparisons when it comes to different OS; less charge as top of the line by a fraction is much less powerful than its equivalent.

Should be bought only for the display

Let’s say though that the lost points in pure performance are earned from SuperAMOLED display. On Tab 8 inch S2 uses PenTile matrix, and blacks great, colors that I tell you to do and a brightness in the data just less than last year’s model-but still nearly useless when adjusted to the maximum. The screen has the effect framework, painted canvas, there are contexts in which we seem to have an adhesive sheet over the glass much is vibrant and smooth. Display and construction are the real strengths of Tab S2.

But even the cameras aren’t bad. The rear with f/1.9 is bright and able to understand the scenes, events. Here too, Samsung has streamlined the marginal software and made those millemila TouchWiz options some time ago. The result is a room more fun to use. The latter record video up to 1440p 30 fps. Activate this option means losing video stabilization and some convenience in real time (a notification reminder) but there is. Is a decent quality, certainly among the best experience on tablet.

And the rest of the components is not far behind: WiFi ac, LTE Cat4, GPS, Bluetooth, ANT +, MHL support 4.1, fingerprint on HOME button and other modules that now sure I forget but which behave just as you’d expect. The wireless network in particular has good bandwidth (in the usual screen shots found the test with iPerf 2.0). What’s missing? NFC sensor; agree, it is not just the industry standard tablet but for this could be that little bit extra.

The real compromise of Galaxy Tab S2 is the autonomy, or rather the agree to have a smaller battery than the previous. 4000 mAh against 4900 mAh make the thinnest and lightest tablet but bear the test of 7 hours and 18 minutes-PCMark Work with the 20% charge remaining. In the same test, the pattern of last year touched the 9 hours. It must be said that Galaxy Tab S2 from 9.7 inch has a bigger battery and so does better, but the substance does not change.

Really need to exceed 3 days?

Everything is to understand what you’re looking for. A tablet is not a smart phone, and there is to plug it in every night. On these devices, the motto “enough for it to arrive in the evening” is true only in some situations, so we expect it to last at least 2/3 days if used for everyday things. It is clear that play with maximum brightness or streaming LTE reduces the value of autonomy, but how it behaves in everything else?

Well, at least in the way I do: screen on auto and approximately 50%, always on Skype, web browsing to check the usual things or maybe buy something at Amazon, check eBay auctions, sign up to the next half marathon-and now look especially Youtube videos, many videos Youtube, and turn something taking advantage of jaunty portability that is typical of the tablet.

In these contexts, 3 days per Galaxy Tab load S2, we also do 2 and a half if we want to be bad. Is a term that is, considering the screen and pleasantness of the collection, but if last year was safe in this generation, behold, you have to have foresight.

Final considerations

However Galaxy Tab S2 is in all respects the best Android tablets of medium size. When looking for a top of the range, the choice is between him or iPad Mini 4. There are alternatives from the rate halved and the capabilities all in all like (and you have a confrontone) but the pleasure of some of its components (screen, touch, rooms) is superior to the competition.

With two or three details and a price list for less conditioned would be one of the best tablet ever. Even so, evolved from the original concept and a real credit to the Android slice of category, a way to show how these products can still inform and give people doer like us. Tab S2 is a beautiful piece of hardware-and there is nothing better to say.