Samsung Awarded for Sustainability of the Galaxy Series

Samsung brings home a new award that confirms the attention to environmental issues even in relation to the production of its devices. In particular it is the Best in Product Carbon Footprint, a recognition awarded by the Carbon Trust company that, since 2001, certifies the carbon footprint of products.

To better understand what it is, the carbon footprint of a product (CFP) is a value that takes into account the environmental impact produced by the accomplished, taking into account all the factors involved in its creation, from the extraction of raw materials to processing, to final disposal of the object (more details on Areacodesexplorer).

The Carbon Trust has awarded Samsung thanks to the excellent results obtained consistently over the past four years, as all products made by 2012 (included) to date have been shown to comply with strict criteria of environmental respect. Emblematic is the level of pollutant emissions in the process of realization of smartphones that with Galaxy S5 is down 37%compared to values produced by producing Galaxy S2.

This is the second time that Samsung is rewarded by the Carbon Trust and other awards have come in the past by Ecological Union and Underwriter’s Laboratories, all three dedicated to the low level of carbon dioxide emissions by the facilities.