Rumor of the Day: Facebook Can Buy Whatsapp

The Facebook already made it clear that mobile platforms are an important part of its growth strategy, as they increasingly invests in the improvement of their applications for Android and iOS. And soon this strategy can get an ally weight: Facebook seems to be very interested in buying the messaging application Whatsapp.

That’s what he said an anonymous source to the site TechCrunch. Unfortunately, the source did not say how advanced are the negotiations or what the figures involved, but the website mentions that 100 million daily users sending messages through Whatsapp, the value may be quite high.

Remember that the Instagram reached a staggering 100 million users in September this year. And it was well after Facebook have bought the company for $ 1 billion, which indicates that the application may have gained a wave of users with purchase. So it may be that the figure in Whatsapp purchase transaction is in the billions as well.

For me it makes sense that Facebook are interested in buying an app with millions of users and various data to be raised. And if the purchase finally happen, the interoperability of Facebook with Whatsapp can no longer be just coup attempts.