Robots May Have Wikipedia Just for Them

A group of scientists from Europe want robots to share knowledge. They initiated a project to allow androids and related exchange figures about the world with their peers.

For now called RoboEarth, the project is organized by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, located in Zurich, and aims to be a sort of “Wikipedia robotics.”

“One of the great challenges that researchers face about robots is that everyone is trying to solve the same problems,” says Dr. Markus Waibel, responsible for the project, which adds: “if all researchers collaborate, robotics should be a field grow rapidly.”

In practice the RoboEarth is a database in which a robot can send information about a new task learned, location or use any tool in a way that can be read by another robot.

“Most models that currently exist see the world in a particular way, and its researchers develop their own tools for it to gather information about their environment,” recalls Dr. Waibel.

Currently 35 researchers are working on the project, which should begin to yield its first fruits in four years. According to its creators, the project wants to be “the key that will allow robots number growth in the workplace or household in the coming decades.”