Project Lightning: Twitter’s Plan to Improve the Coverage of the Issues of the Day

Even those who are not assiduous acknowledge: the Twitter is a great social network to keep track of important events in real time. The company knows this well, so that is working on Project Lightning, an initiative that promises to enhance this feature.

Who gives information is Mat Honan, on BuzzFeed, which reports have known some details of the project after talking with Kevin Weil, vice president of Twitter products. If the plan succeeds, users will have a content consumption experience much richer social network.

The idea is to implement a button with lightning icon in the web version and service apps that, when clicked, it gives access to a page that focuses tweets, photos and videos (including the Vine and Periscope, services controlled by Twitter) on most discussed events in the social network at the time.

A lot will be automatically selected, but the intention is to provide the user only relevant content, so there will be not only sophisticated filters as well as teams of editors making curation.

Also in the plans of Twitter to make the Project Lightning update the list of content automatically to save the user to search the latest information, as new images or videos.

Only close to checking to be sure that the Project Lightning is really all it promises, but can not deny that the idea is valid. Currently, we monitor news on Twitter looking for keywords or browsing the topics trend, but is often listed messages have opportunistic advertising or irrelevant comments.

If the Project Lightning can spare us of what is “noise” and at the same time allow us to follow certain subjects without having to follow the profiles involved, it will certainly be well received. It is even possible that the project will become one of the most important changes of Twitter in recent months.

It is not clear when the Project Lightning will come true. The only information available is that the service will appear in the coming months, probably later this year. Will take. The idea even has great potential.