Priority Inbox Comes to Relays Smartphones That Do Not Run Android

Considering that Google is the main company behind the Android, it is not surprising that it favors this system at the time of presenting news. It was pretty well what happened when, back in September last year, the company introduced the integration of Priority Inbox with the mobile platform. And nothing for the other systems, so far.

Google announced today that the web interface Gmail now has the display of most important messages, which are determined by technology Priority Case (resource name in portuguese, but I prefer English). If users spend less time with useless messages after the Priority Inbox arrived, it is natural that the web interface also receive change.

This is how Gmail will display the messages that are worth mentioning:

There are markers that both help in time to identify what deserves to be read now, what deserves to be read later and what definitely does not deserve to be read. To further improve the efficiency of your email just follow the tips of Marco Gomes, the founder of b0o-box.

The Gmail Mobile with Priority Inbox works on Android 1.5 or higher, iOS 3 or higher and any smartphone that relies on a modern browser (read: that runs HTML5 decently).

Did you see how it is not only the team TB that gives attention to smartphones? Occasionally Google also does it (dailies!).