Prime Fishing Times

There are different types of baits with textures and different compositions. Differentiate them well and use them correctly will allow you to optimize your chances of capturing. Discover in this Council how well Prime and fishing effectively.


Throw snowballs of small size which break the surface. They will create a visible cloud of color that will keep the fish in the post (white summer bleak and fish).

It Prime regularly and always with the same rhythm. If fishing near the shore (fishing of speed), use baits very wet that is partan to the enter in contact with the water.


Dosing with precision the bait (consistency, size, density…) to ensure that work at the correct height: if it is too low, they won’t itch and if it is very high, only itch fingerlings. Launches with small and crumbly ball frequency and regularity. Look for the height to which fish are found according to the fishing tips (

Fishing between two waters is technically difficult, because fish that deviate from the Fund are wary: avoid big balls that would lead to his escape. Fish come back after each launch, at that time sting…


It starts with a few small balls, the size of a Tangerine. It continues with a priming of excitation light and regular (less compact balls).

Repeat the priming with small balls in the background. Wait a while to see if the fish is close to the post. This «memory» priming may cause that they flee. When the frequency of bites is regular, avoid priming of excitement, because it would attract fish and big bottom fish.


The loud patter bothers the fish. With a few grains of wheat, you get the same good results as with «plofs» loud and useless.


The fish is less sensitive to noise. Bait compact and heavy to keep it well in the background.