Pregnancy Wishes

Although many people think that the wishes of pregnant women are simple vagaries, the truth is that there are factors that can actually lead to the appearance of less usual desires.

Pregnancy Wishes

At least half of the pregnant women felt or will feel the famous desires, which can vary a lot, depending on each pregnant woman.

From very sweet foods, to very salty or spicy ones, to the unusual flavors, the variety of desires is great.

Find out more the reasons that lead to the emergence of the desires of pregnant.

Causes of Pregnant Wants

There are several reasons that lead to the appearance of desires during pregnancy. More common in early pregnancy, may also occur over the course of 9 months. Learn more about the factors that lead to the emergence of these desires.

– During gestation, some of the nutrients you eat are used by your growing baby. So if the food is not enough to provide all the nutrients needed, the pregnant woman will suffer from nutritional deficiencies. When this happens, the brain will “ask” the pregnant woman to eat foods rich in the missing nutrients. Hence the specific desire for certain foods.

– With the onset of pregnancy, there is also a major hormonal change, by increasing the levels of certain hormones. For example, progesterone and prolactin are responsible for changing the pH level in the mouth, and also for the change in appetite. Thus, in addition to wanting to eat more, also the change in pH causes the change in the way you feel the flavors, leading the pregnant to prefer new and strange flavors.

– Another important factor to take into account in the desires of pregnant is related to the insecurity and the lack that the future mother feels during the gestation. Due to the hormonal changes and due to the changes in the body and its image, it is normal for the pregnant woman to be much more sensitive, looking for food that gives her comfort. And of course, the companion will do everything for the future mother to feel better and happier.

If some of these factors are not controllable, the nutritional deficiency can and should be solved through a balanced and healthy diet.

After all, it is not because she is pregnant that she can eat whatever she wants, because, for her sake and for the good of the baby, she must have a diet that promotes the health of both.