Pool House Floor Plan Ideas

Swimming pools are excellent decorative items and has a great importance, because they allow relaxation and fun, which is a very important factor in combating stress that have become so common these days. But choosing the swimming pool should not only depend on whether it has the proper size for your home or property, or if it has a aesthetic appeal. More importantly, you should also take the material that will be used around the pool into consideration, especially if this is constructed within the space built the property or even within the residence.

There are several options for the floor which is used around the pool. The wood is the most common and traditional, which requires that the material possesses particular technical characteristics and specialized for this type of site, such as grip, anti-slip material, resistant to humidity and heat and the sun when it is used as a wood floor for swimming pools. It has featured the designs which is made with hardwoods, i.e. resistance to termites and decay, as the wood of trees such as the seedling and ipê. These woods are famous for their aesthetic beauty as well as functionality and resistance presented after the sealant treatment.

However, in more recent projects, it is a trend to search for more resistant and economic materials which also combine a possibility of cheaper and less frequent maintenance; besides it also should make the use in smaller projects or smaller more viable financial cost. Among the variety of materials that is gaining prominence for this purpose, you can highlight the porcelain tile, stone, granite, tiles; most of them are non-skid, cementitious floor. But don’t forget the classic option like marble.

Split up some of the most common types of materials used in flooring for pools, whether in surroundings of leisure areas or in projects where the swimming pool is placed inside of the residence. Check out:

  • Recycled plastic floor: a very interesting solution and it is gaining market share because it can decorate the floor by recycled plastic, which is placed in the same way as wood options, through the plastic parts. Compared with wood, which requires annual maintenance procedures, the flooring of recycled plastic can stay a long time without requiring maintenance or exchange; besides it is a cheaper and durable option. The recycled plastic is also environmentally friendly since it uses recyclable materials and require minor care and less frequent maintenance, in addition to dropping the use of compounds as insecticides and varnishes.
  • Flooring made of hardwood or wood of reforestation: it is the option that is the most visually beautiful, but it is also the one that presents the highest value in implementation and maintenance. Pure wood is impervious to liquids and immune to fungi, termites and decay. This is an option that requires several specific care and demanding treatment, having a higher final cost.
  • Porcelain flooring: flooring forpools, i.e. used around the pool, made of porcelain tiles which can be found in a wide variety of motifs and colors; it like pieces that simulate the colors of most noble woods and also those which visually resemble other types of materials. It is a great option for people who don’t want to worry about constant maintenance or want to save on the final value of the work. It is a relatively inexpensive product, which has good finish and is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, it allow easy application and fast compared to other solutions because it can be laid with mortar.
  • Anti-slip floor: there are several options with anti-slip finish, which is one of the most important options for those who want to avoid falls and also allow a greater fixing wet feet against the floor. There are ready options of materials above with anti-slip finish as stickers that can be applied directly on the floors.