Policy 20% Time Google is Still Going Strong

The Google said once and for all that 20% of program time for private use of employees is still going strong. Well contrary to what had been reported in some US media outlets. It seems that, at least for now, the factor cool to work in the company – and do whatever you want – is still maintained! What’s more, the Google Now was the latest novelty arising from the program.

Generally, these corporate events related to technology, what we see are more highly trained engineers for public relations professionals saying that particular product or service is designed after a long period of research and testing. Well unlike things like Gmail that you use today. It started quite by chance in such a program that allows Google employees one day a week (20% of the time, for those who can not do account) in particular projects.

Last week, he painted a story that was no longer as before, that the good times had passed. Basically, the story of an American magazine was that Google had joined the bureaucracy that makes many companies suffer from a lack of innovation. In theory, the seeker would be creating a number of barriers to prevent the employees adhere to the movement. One of the alleged measures – unconfirmed – was the need for approval from a supervisor or manager to each individual project.

In practice, it was as if there were so many difficulties that the guy gave up the project. Moreover, it seems that Google demanded the employees themselves do maintenance projects, as approved, not counting exactly the institutional support.

Several Google engineers took the Internet (where else?) To protest. “I do not have to ask permission to use 20% of the time” – that was the message from an anonymous user Hacker News that says employee seeker. He also had the same thread linking the current status of Google with the HP few years ago. There is even the risk that the end of the 20% end up with the company’s innovation? That’s the question a few billion dollars – to Google.

Google ended the discussion by saying that the program remains “alive and well”. Do you know what the latest product appeared in the insights of the day free for individual projects? Google Now, personal assistant that incorporates much of the concept of responsive technology ( I use the term here referring to me not only the design that fits each of the screens attending digital life). According to Andrew Kirmse, who was involved in the project from the beginning, Now it began “when some of us the Maps team think that there are really useful information that could show in our cell, based on where we are, and then we started work on it during our free time, as a 20% project […].As we envolvíamos the project, the more interesting it became, and everyone saw the potential in him.”

It seems that, for now, it ended with this comment victorious from a Google employee. Still, I found myself thinking, and free 20% were really closed? Well, remember that Google started some cool projects in recent times that are banked by the company, without relying on the free time of employees, and promise in the future. This is the case of Project Loon, that crazy means you want to install a network of balloons in the world’s skies to spread internet (see the video below). Bill Gates has criticized the implementation of the idea in poor countries.

What’s more, the mysterious Google X, which he left the Loon was also responsible for the initial design of Google Glass. Another institutionalized unit in which employees are paid to invent crazy, fun stuff, little practical, functional … will know what’s coming. For me, part of it has to do with both education Sergey Brin and Larry Page (current CEO) based on the Montessori method. It establishes a number of ways to enjoy the many human intelligences in ways that are often not obvious at the outset, as in traditional education.

Okay, you can keep your dream of someday working in the second largest US Internet company (behind Yahoo).