Plantronics Bluetooth Headset

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More about Plantronics bluetooth headset

Plantronics is a technology company located in California that produces audio for users and business components as well as retro electronics. Your brand is famous for the use of mobile communication devices, to play and music.

The beginnings of Plantronics

To understand the magnitude of the mark a little, saying that around the year 1960 headphones for pilots of aircraft were so long and uncomfortable that many had changed to the old helmets. However the speed and complexity of the management of airlines made that they needed small headphones and they weigh little.

In 1961, United Airlanes requested new designs for those who are interested. A couple of American pilots created a headset design functional, comfortable and at the same time robust to pass standards for use inside an aircraft. Finally the latest version of the design incorporated two small transducers attached to the device and it was approved by the Association. Thus, these two pilots they created the brand that we know today as Plantronics, Inc.

The history of wireless headphones

Already in the early 1980s the company began to develop devices without wires or cables with the same technology that was used in TV remote controls.

One of the first products used to create this communication link to transmit information between the device and the base was by connecting them in a telephone network. These were the first speakers without echo used in Conference rooms.

But and the Plantronics bluetooth headset? In 2003 the company presented the CS50 helmets for use in office phones and variations of these like the CS70N have continued. Now they also have a line of bluetooth for mobile phones which is one of the most popular.

In addition, although the current competition is not so easy, the company has gotten full on headphones to play on the computer and consoles. Plantronics came into the multimedia market in 1999 by removing the famous HS1 and DSP-500.

Three years later, along with Microsoft, they created the famous Xbox 360 Wireless helmets that were the first to incorporate communication by voice.

It was such the magnitude of their quality that there are photographs of astronaut Neil Armstrong using this brand, and yet the prices that we can find to people is thinking of buying some with rather low budget it is a relatively easy task, and more if have our help 😉