Pillow Case Tutorial

The mountain, for me, this year is still a pipe dream. There are still there and I have a mad desire to snowbordare clumsy, falling snow, snowshoeing, vegan polenta eating and drinking the euphonium. 

And then for a while fetishism ‘Deco and to satiate my need or distract altitude, I propose a tutorial in honor of the mountain: a pillow-mountain!


Approximately EUR 10
Preparation time: 
About 1 hour

– A fabric (cloth type) gray for the base of the mountain
– A fur-type material (synthetic) or one shearling
– padding for pillows
– Scissors
– Machine sewing
– the reference template to print the size you want (is the outline on which ritaglierai the cloth)

– Preparation:
Print the mountain silhouette, a good size of pillowcase with invisible zipper is 30cmx30cm 50cmx50cm or better. If you have a printer A4 size you can develop the image into pieces and then combine them into a collage in scale, otherwise contact an any press center.

You can begin to cut the gray cloth following the template, so it also crops shearling snow for the top.
Helping with pins, shows the two fabrics on each other and cucili together by hand or with the sewing machine.
Cut out the back the mountain always using the same silhouette. Obviously it must be identical to the front!

Then, it overlaps the back of the mountain to the front right on the part of the snow-covered peak. Sew the two parts on one another leaving a side of the open triangle-mountain in order to submit subsequently the padding.

With scissors cuts the corners and window waste.
Rubs the cloth triangle to give it some volume and then rovescialo, will be well off the snow-covered peak and the seams will be internal therefore invisible.

Enter the padding inside the mountain and sew the last board.
Via mermag.