Pencil Skirt Guide

Feminine and elegant, the pencil skirt will not leave the front rows of fashion. You hesitate to adopt it? Do not hesitate and get started: the sharper skirts fits all, as long as it is well chosen.Follow our smart tips and invent the look that suits you!

How to choose my pencil skirt?

To every morphology her skirt! Choose a stretch material, type jersey, if you have nothing to hide. Prefer them structured leather or denim, to erase imperfections… Are you small? Choose a length just above the knee. Large, conversely, choose a calf-length pencil skirt defined on, when rounds will keep the knee length. As at the waist? Everything will depend on: a high waist provides a glamorous look and sheath the small bellies; a low waist is more rock and comfortable… Unless you simply try the pencil dress !

How to wear my pencil skirt?

From classical to grunge, the pencil skirt fits all styles. Just have to make you happy! For a timeless look, go with your skirt with a blouses lightly open on a body in lace, with a pair of Ballet flats or pumps. A more modern version? Mix denim shirt and skirt with matching boots leather.

For a chic and sport, married a jersey with a hoodie, skirt, and accessorize her sneakers, quite simply. Rock side? Dare the leather with a home vintage t-shirt and a pair of big shoes. For a graphic and professional look, pair a black pencil in a light sweater printed skirt, add some ankle socks in your derbies and a pair of glasses!