Paradise Print: Fauna And Flora Will Take Care of Your Summer Closet

There are a few seasons, Alessandro Michele-mind behind the so-called revolution in Gucci-come some of the most endearing trends dictating fashion. Beyond in love with colors and an aesthetic that blends vintage air and geeks, the Italian also cultivates a long-standing fascination for flowers, plants and exotic animals. This interest which eventually emerge in all its collections, generating immediate desire by birds, insects, snakes and foliage. The idea soon spread gaining other walkways and readings, the elegant Elie Saab to offender Alexander McQueen.

Here was no different. On the catwalks for the 2017 summer nationals, the theme was Helo bet rock, Isabela Capeto, Patricia Viera, PatBo, Lenny Niemeyer, Triya and Osklen.

For this season, the trend comes a little different, less decorative–one of the inspirations of Michele were old wallpapers–and with more “that’s where I’m going on vacation”, as showed the Brazilian designers. The influences have paradise travel footprint, be more surprise, carioca style, or Eastern versions, with unusual destination air.

Whatever the inspiration, the prints of flora and fauna have everything to do with the Brazilian climate and will win you over this season. Palm trees, cherry trees, peacocks or Canaries: can invest without fear! The prints fall well in virtually every style of pieces. You can bet in a swimsuit with Macaw print or a skirt with embroidered flowers.

A flatform with fruits or a brincão in the shape of a Pelican. The choice is the palate of those who use. The most daring can even mix elements. The secret is to combine prints with the same tones and theme or merge a part with large print and another with kids. The game is played.