Donnaindica: How About Turning Your Love For Porto Alegre In Frames, Clothes And Accessories?

Photography can go far beyond the good old t-shirt print on the look our for each day and extrapolate the Valley frames in the decoration of the House. For inspiration, check out cool examples of how you and your House might wear pictures in a different way.


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Interview! Sweetheart Of Popstars, Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott Talks About Relationship With Madonna, Katy Perry And Lexter

While many designers turn up their nose at everything that is popular, Jeremy Scott takes ownership of consumer icons to give life to his creations. The Barbie doll, drawing The Simpsons and even fast food McDonalds flipped over issues of their collections, both for the brand that takes your name and Moschino, designer who runs from 2013 and that helped reposition in the fashion scenario. It’s like everything he touched turned into desire, almost instantly: perhaps the biggest example are the cases of mobile phone in the shape of a packet of potato chips, which have become a fever and gained cheap replicas around the world.

Well before taking over as Creative Director of the Italian fashion house, to the 20-somethings have dressed stars like Madonna, who would turn into one of his muses. The proximity between the duo is such that yielded to a cameo of him in one of the latest clips, webcam girls, I’m Madonna (2015). Read more

How To Make The Patterns And Use Fashion To Enhance Self-Esteem | AspatrICias

Because you do not need to be equal to the revised model to be beautiful!

When you looked in the mirror this morning, felt pretty? If you are in the same group of most women with whom we have been speaking, probably not. And this is a disappointing negative conclusion of our daily lives consulting sets in which we women of all kinds and styles, social classes and activities, silhouettes and ages, which have in common not only the question of what to wear and beautiful each one way, but the sad fact if you find ugly, of not liking their hair , from their mouths, your hips, your breasts, they have a standard absurdly beauty imposed by inaccessible fashion. This same fashion that we love so much, but it should never be used to thwart the freedom to be who you are. Read more

How To Use Cargo Skinny? See Four Options Of Looks | The Patrician

If you have a moving part that promises to make pretty good when cold arrives with force is the military-inspired pants. Has various models: larguinhas, short, drained. But what we like best is the model in skinny version, well, tight around the body.

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Audrey Hepburn Type. Inspirations to wear capri pants

Although she is quite basic and combinations associated with everyday can be very versatile in various styles, including parts and accessories. To confirm that the US is being honest with you (see?), elect some inspiring coordinations. Come with us! Read more

Mercatto 2014 Winter Collection

The Mercatto is a carioca brand with a style very young and hip. In General, your clothes are cheerful and have many prints, especially the ethnic, which are frequent in each collection. Between the releases of the moment, we have a lot of dresses, cardigans, pants with details in leather and knitwear. Check out:
As already mentioned above, the latest from the motley, Mercatto are differentiated parts, very colorful and cheerful, although this is a winter collection. By the fact of being younger, mark your parts also carry this characteristic good humor, freedom and informality. Read more

Candy Colors Are Trend For Summer 2015

We’re still in winter, the coldest season of the year, but the stores have already begun to receive news for spring and summer season 2014/2015. If we’re going to start soon the acquisitions for the clothing of these stations, it pays to stay on top of all the key trends, doesn’t it? That’s why we’re going to check in detail one of the strongest bets, the candy colors.

For those who don’t know, candy colors are those colors in pastel colors, lighter and delicate. These blush ever done a few successful seasons and come back in style this summer, it seems, with more strength and visibility. Many stores have begun to publicize its new collections and in them there are many parts with the candy color chart.
And speaking of color, between the candy colors, we have, in particular, the yellow, blue, pink, lilac and coral. These colors resemble delicate sweets and a girly touch as the macarons, cookie colored with sweet stuffing. Worth investing in those colors to assemble Basic looks, combining with other neutral colors as well as jeans, but it’s also nice to innovate using a monochrome production. Read more

Malwee Collection Spring And Summer 2015

Malwee spring and summer 2015
The Malwee is one of the main brands of clothes of the country, taking collections for the male and female audience. Today, we’re especially the news of the women’s collection spring and summer 2015. Basic, versatile and useful parts, these are three features that are never out of Malwee launches. Let’s check it out:
The Malwee comes with a collection rich in vibrant colors, prints, lace, floral animals, tissues and fluids much delicacy and femininity. For the night and finest occasions, more elaborateproductions arise with transparencies, leather and sparkles, all for you and dare in looks. Read more

Mademoiselle collection-2015 Summer of Tannerie

Tannerie Mademoiselle 2015 Summer Collection
The Tannerie, brand of women’s clothing that is in increasing development, has just released a new collection of your spring and summer 2015, titled Mademoiselle, inspired by the modern women that even with many commitments, not careless of appearance and are always elegant and with a lot of composure. Check out the collection on details:
Details of the collection and its inspirations
The new collection of Tannerie comes quite inspired by the romanticism of the sets of 40 years, with many parts with the waist-length skirts, MIDI, wheeled models, tops in delicate fabrics such as chamois, besides the cutouts made the laser that resemble lace.
The color chart and choose of materials Read more

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