How to Get Jennifer Aniston Casual Style

At the age of 47 years to actress Jennifer Aniston adopts a basic style and casual, but always with a personal touch, full of grace and elegance

No wonder the actress Jennifer Aniston was considered (more than once!) the most beautiful woman in the world in 2016 by Peoplemagazine. Own a classic beauty without equal and one of the most copied hair in history – who never took a picture of eternal Rachel Green, Friends, at the hairdresser to copy your cut, color or volume? -Jen, as it is called in the artistic milieu, is also known for your inspiring style, since it always seeks to unite comfort and practicality in one look without losing elegance. Read more

Secrets of a Wardrobe Stylist

May not have a personal stylist to help you organize your wardrobe, pick out the pieces that you are better and build looks fantastic, but it can inspire in the best-kept secrets of the best stylists in the world… to always be on your best!

1. Purchase Looks, Not Individual Pieces

Buy by purchase or because a particular piece of clothing is on sale is completely OUT! What’s IN is buy multi-faceted parts, i.e. they can be mixed with what already exists in your wardrobe, to build at least three different looks. This is a mental exercise you should do whenever you are shopping… and the truth is that it’s quite fun: how many more looks to make it build, the better the investment in this piece! Read more

How to Wear Bright Colors

If the diamonds are women’s best friend, then the sparkles are the passion of your wardrobe, giving it life and joy. However, whether in the form of sequins, beads, seed beads, paillettes or metallic fabrics, you need to know to use bright clothing with style and good taste.

1. Less Is More

The main rule of thumb when it comes to wearing bright clothing with style is not use it from head to toe, that is, the brighter is the play, less emphasis should be on the total look. Currently, the sparkles use day and night, but at least amount to sunlight and in greater quantity under the moon. There is still one last caveat: shiny clothes speak for themselves – and loud-so avoid these yet reasons or exaggerated drawings. Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Style Guide

Jennifer Lawrence is traveling the world next to the cast of “Ravenous” Games to promote the last part of the saga, “the hope – the End.” As a fan of the actress – and the film too, I confess-I have been following the news about the premières by European cities and I love the looks selected by her.

I think impressive figure out how the clothes and the hair have the power to change the person, almost 1 hour. Young clumsy and easygoing sometime ago, J Law turned a gorgeous woman powerful and fashionista. The haircut was really a turning point in his career and her style. In fact, I’m loving this new length, a chanel lengthened mega nifty. Read more

Fashion Combination Clothes

I’m officially addicted to high-waisted pants and strappy bras. I really like the way my body is wearing these pieces, and I think it’s easy to assemble a stylish look with them. I think we learn a few formulas that work for us and I am one of those who is betting on them.

One of the formulas I’ve learned recently is that high-waisted pants combines with almost everything, and let the look tidier, more stylish, super long legs, it seems like I get taller. Out that I learned that betting on high-waisted pants is hit right: can you use like waist high or normal, with a lower and no one will know that is waist high or not. Much more versatile. Read more

How to Wear Transparent Clothes

Who never fell in love with a play on the Macaw store but took home for fear of not knowing how to use or think it would match with your personal style? I bet the vast majority there was reminded of a situation like that, huh? One of the winners in “fear” the crowd is transparency. Parts that have details that do not cover completely leaving the show some part of the body, are great to play with and bring a bit more sensuality to the look, but can also frighten a little the chance to work in a visual exaggerated and even vulgar.

To increase the chances of sending very well in combination with transparency, brought a series of looks and tips that will be helpful when making your choices. So if you are there full of doubts, it is time to finally put an end to all of them! Read more

“ZAI” – New Collection Of River Farm

The Farm is one of the brands that more has grown and gained the attention of new consumers. With its beautiful, diverse color chart and well colored and pieces with a touch of hippie chic, the carioca designer delights every collection. This season, the pieces emerge with strong ethnic inspiration. Check out:
As traditional in the creations of each collection of Farm, this hippie, boho, folk and a little more of that unassuming, remains present in the “novidadinhas” as they are called in the delicate and cheerful launches e-commerce portal of the brand. Read more

Colours That Go with Beige Clothing

A lot of people can find nude color – color of skin – somewhat boring, but everything depends on the way of use. Nude combines easy with a range of different colors, however we end up getting used more with combinations of nude with earthy or with classic colors, such as black. But let’s think a little outside the box? With a vibrant color, composition can change and be a lot more attractive.

Nude with Yellow:

Is there an option for anyone who loves yellow, but has some blockage in time to use for being a super vibrant color. As the color nude is one of the most discreet, this combination is nice to look at, mixing fun with the delicate. Read more

Daughters Of Gaia 2015 Summer collection

Collection spring and Summer 2015 of the Daughters ofGaia
The Daughters of Gaia is one of the leading brands in the country, which is always present at fashion week of the wonderful city, the Fashion Rio. In this latest edition, the brand launched the your bets for the collection of spring and summer 2015. As we already officially we barged in, let’s check out what’s already in stores and what are the trends that led to designer shopping:
The collection of summer 2015 of Daughters of gaia comes with a sophistication and a retro touch that makes everything much more feminine and powerful. High-waisted pencil skirts with diagonal ruffles maxi bar are what’s sexy and stylish in the parade from the collection. The inspiration of the brand are the tails of mermaids andfish tails, so the shape more asymmetrical and delineated.

Read more

Roxy Surf Pop Collection Spring and Summer 2015

Roxy Surf Pop spring and summer 2015
Roxy’s inspiration for the 2015 summer
Roxy is one of the main brands of clothes surf wear segment, producing always the best pieces suitable for the practice of activities on the beach. The novelty now is capsule collection, i.e. a mini collection, titled Roxy Surf Pop, which wants to integrate the fashion world to the world of surfing, with all the versatility possible. Let’s check it out:
The main inspiration of the Roxy in the creation of the pieces in this new collection are graphic lines, which appear in very vibrant tones, as well as the looks of summer demand. The tropical landscape of beaches with beautiful coconut trees also influences the stamping that gives life to bikinis and leggings, among other pieces. Neon tones also brand presence in this super modern and elaborate collection. Read more

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