Summer Beach Bags

The summer trends are clear: accessories total color or transparent, storage to hold and Print… choose your look!

The beach bag must be especially practical, but without sacrificing style.

The trends this summer are clear: transparent PVC trunks with fluorescent colors, give a sponge to traditional care bag of woven raffia and can be used equally in the city and in the evening.

By Furla, Coccinelle, Prada, Lacoste pvc in depopulated colors. For this particular material is required qualities: bags must be of a certain rigidity and that sparkle in the sun.Unfortunately there are gadgets and low prizes that copy this fashion, but often with cheap solutions that break easily and appear much less stylish of the competitors of the big fashion maisons.

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USB Hub Faq

USB hub test – always enough connection options

Today’s era of modern technology and produces more and more technical aids. The daily life neither computers nor are USB sticks indispensable. The big problem here is that a computer has only a limited number of USB ports and these are quickly taken. Remedy can create the so-called USB hubs. The practical tools multiply the number of USB ports and make for a relaxing day. The competent replacement of devices in USB ports belongs to the past. It should processing and number of ports to be considered.

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Australian E-commerce Site Charges Rate of Those Who Use Internet Explorer 7

Here is an interesting idea to make the web a great place for website developers and users in general: we tax those people who use Internet Explorer 7. In this way they will have to pay the price, literally, to use an old browser you need often have a version of a site created specifically for him. It does not sound like something brilliant and should be implemented by all?

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Final Version of HTML5 Already Has Deadline to be Ready

After some discussions, deliberations and probably many meetings the W3C, an organization that establishes what will and what is in the HTML standards, decided a date for when the final version of HTML5 will be released. In July 2014 the standard should be completed and will be posted on the organization’s website. Over these three years between the current draft of HTML5 its final version, the W3C hopes to solve many of the problems raised by enthusiasts, especially interoperability.


Skype for iOS is Updated and Now Allow Video Calls

Announcing the iPhone 4 and its front camera, Steve Jobs specifically said that the video calls so FaceTime only work with the device connected to WiFi networks. A few months later, some companies that develop links applications updated their programs to support the iPhone camera but keeping the restriction to use it only for WiFi. Today Skype broke this rule to release an update for iOS that brings support for video calls both over WiFi and by 3G. Read more

Verdissima Swimwear Buy Online

The collection of swimwear Verdissima for the ‘Summer 2014 is one of the most chic to date views, a line where you will find all the most popular forms we fashionistas declined in versions for all tastes and for all needs. Verdissima is inspired by different themes, adding to costumes with a strong ethnic mood with chic applications, models with colorful prints in perfect line with the dictates of the coolest. Read more

History of the Flashlight

The flashlight is the main form of portable electric light we know. Its development became possible after the invention of the battery and the lamp. As with other lights also shown for easy portable electric variant a big improvement over the predecessor torch. The light source was no longer affected by external influences, and there was less risk of fire. Still, the birth of our familiar flashlight still a lot to do. Article arrangement

The first experiments with portable electric lighting

Precursors of the flashlight

The invention of the flashlight

Weak batteries

Flashlights during World War I.

Flashlights after WWI

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Do Not Like the New Version of Twitter? Time to Complain

Since Twitter launched a redesigned version of its home, members of the social network complain about something. It is a link that moved, a profile background image that was disproportionate or that some browsers crashes instantly when they open the site, they will always find something that is not good enough. For these and other reasons, Twitter began to ask the opinion of those still using the old version of the site. Read more

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