Why The Pants Jogger Is A New (And Versatile) Classic | Sets In Real

Today we will talk of a somewhat controversial peg in the closet, new to some, desire or other conflict so many passionate Eric Dane OK 25 now in fashion: the jogger pants – or jogging. Also known as track pant, this model has as its essence the fist on the bar and the mooring at the waist, which confirms your sports source.

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What attracts us in jogging is exactly the reason of most doubts about this contemporary classic, after all, although the layout stripped, you can wear it with almost everything, resulting in something that fascinates us, the contrast between styles and references. Yes. Jogging makes beautiful work the ballad, everything will depend on how you combine it. Read more

The Main Fashion Trends Summer 2016!

It is spring and the main fashion trends summer 2016 are starting appear, and how most women like to know of the news of the hottest station of the year then split up some trends that promise to pumping with all this summer.
The colors for the summer 2016 are democratic enough and the tones that are the face of the summer are: sky blue, pink quartz, yellow, Orange, green water and various shades off white and green. The back of the candy colors colors promise to leave the summer even more cheerful. In the summer 2016 the mix of colors this released and the basic black will also be one of the trends for the night, and can be used with transpositions tracks and unusual cutouts. Read more

Of Movies! We Pick The Best 5 Looks The First Red Carpet Of The Cannes Film Festival

If you’re like us and also loves to accompany red carpets, you can prepare the dip of inspirations! Started on Wednesday the Cannes Film Festival, which brings together some of the world’s best-dressed (and some not so much, isn’t it?).
We have chosen the 5 muses on the first day of red carpet. Come and see:
Zoe Saldana

Clean and elegant, the choice of actress, a model long with draped bust – ideal for the Eric Dane OK 25 now that, like her, have little breast. The chains broke the neutrality of white vestidao, signed by Victoria Beckham. Read more

Shows Brides 2016 Presents Trends And News For Who’s Getting Married

Is married and don’t know where to start to get organized? From 14 to 17 April (Thursday to Sunday), the Bridal Show features the best trends and news for who’s going to change alliances.

Designers like Eduarda Galvani and Mauricio Patnala parade their proposals in a dress for the big day, while names like the photographer Jorge Scherer and the event planner Roberta Jalfim share experiences and take questions from those who want to ensure a perfect celebration.

The tickets, which cost $20, are on sale in the Centre of BarraShoppingSul events, where the bride and groom meeting will be held. Visit the site to check out do your pre-registration. Read more

Without Colcci In This Edition, Sao Paulo Fashion Week Announces The Line-Up Of Parades

Fashionistas on duty, prepare the heart! Between April 25 and 29, the São Paulo Fashion Week presents the trends of the time at the Biennale, in Ibirapuera Park. With the theme of Hands of gold, the SPFW will celebrate the human capacity to rethink, to put his hand in the cookie jar, to reinvent itself and start over.

In this issue, the stars of fashion houses as the Brand-new, À La Garçonne., Amir Slama, Cotton Project, Murilo Lomas and Vix. However, an absence was felt in the line-up: without Gisele Bündchen to star, the Colcci leaves the event this season. The decision justifies the AMC, the conglomerate which brand of Santa Catarina is part, has to do with strategic decisions. Read more

The Highlights And Trends Presented In The Minas Trend

By Vitoria Gaits, especially

Arriving at the Expominas, in Belo Horizonte, soon you can see giant chess boards, with mannequins announcing in costumes advertising one of the most important fashion events in the country. The inspiration in Alice in Wonderland brings a climate all romantic for the 18th Edition of the Minas Trend, which ends tomorrow. I followed some of the shows and I’m going to tell (and show) the main trends and highlights of what I saw here. Spy:

See the looks we found on MecaFestival (and love!)

Egypt symbols inspire big brands in Paris Read more

How to Get Jennifer Aniston Casual Style

At the age of 47 years to actress Jennifer Aniston adopts a basic style and casual, but always with a personal touch, full of grace and elegance

No wonder the actress Jennifer Aniston was considered (more than once!) the most beautiful woman in the world in 2016 by Peoplemagazine. Own a classic beauty without equal and one of the most copied hair in history – who never took a picture of eternal Rachel Green, Friends, at the hairdresser to copy your cut, color or volume? -Jen, as it is called in the artistic milieu, is also known for your inspiring style, since it always seeks to unite comfort and practicality in one look without losing elegance. Read more

Secrets of a Wardrobe Stylist

May not have a personal stylist to help you organize your wardrobe, pick out the pieces that you are better and build looks fantastic, but it can inspire in the best-kept secrets of the best stylists in the world… to always be on your best!

1. Purchase Looks, Not Individual Pieces

Buy by purchase or because a particular piece of clothing is on sale is completely OUT! What’s IN is buy multi-faceted parts, i.e. they can be mixed with what already exists in your wardrobe, to build at least three different looks. This is a mental exercise you should do whenever you are shopping… and the truth is that it’s quite fun: how many more looks to make it build, the better the investment in this piece! Read more

How to Wear Bright Colors

If the diamonds are women’s best friend, then the sparkles are the passion of your wardrobe, giving it life and joy. However, whether in the form of sequins, beads, seed beads, paillettes or metallic fabrics, you need to know to use bright clothing with style and good taste.

1. Less Is More

The main rule of thumb when it comes to wearing bright clothing with style is not use it from head to toe, that is, the brighter is the play, less emphasis should be on the total look. Currently, the sparkles use day and night, but at least amount to sunlight and in greater quantity under the moon. There is still one last caveat: shiny clothes speak for themselves – and loud-so avoid these yet reasons or exaggerated drawings. Read more

Jennifer Lawrence Style Guide

Jennifer Lawrence is traveling the world next to the cast of “Ravenous” Games to promote the last part of the saga, “the hope – the End.” As a fan of the actress – and the film too, I confess-I have been following the news about the premières by European cities and I love the looks selected by her.

I think impressive figure out how the clothes and the hair have the power to change the person, almost 1 hour. Young clumsy and easygoing sometime ago, J Law turned a gorgeous woman powerful and fashionista. The haircut was really a turning point in his career and her style. In fact, I’m loving this new length, a chanel lengthened mega nifty. Read more

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