Facebook Brazil Has an Initial Investment of US $ 1 Million

Alexandre Hohagen will no longer have to work from home. The executive, who left the post of president of Google for Latin America (and acting president of Google in Brazil), changed the engine for Facebook, and already has an address to call your own. The website link, the estadao.com.br, found that Facebook Brazil was recently registeredwith the Commercial Registry of São Paulo. Read more

Camping in Winter

Camping in winter has its own special charm, because not only in summer to spend the night outdoors is an adventure. Just the bivouac in colder temperatures has its own unique charm. As this week has been reported, falls in Siegerland and Sauerland already the first snow. In order for the night / nights in the cold season in the tent not be a torture, but a unique experience, I want to give you a few helpful tips.

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Firefox 5, 6 and 7 are Also Still Come out This Year

The Mozilla may not have even launched Firefox 4, but they already have plans for the next three major versions after that. Evidence of this was shown in the RoadMap Firefox, a kind of script where Mozilla establishes what they have planned for the year and that was updated yesterday. He says: Firefox 5, 6 and 7 will still appear in 2011. Further details of the script also show that Mozilla plans to support more operating systems and never let the browser lost user data. I hope they can.


Facebook Becomes the Name of Newborn

There are people out there who have put the dog name Google, the cat Yahoo and is seriously considering naming Foursquare parrot. All right, are pets, then there is so much trouble in giving this kind of name. But she had an Egyptian father who decided to honor a social network to get in the office and choose the name for the newborn daughter. Yes, Facebook was the choice that Egyptian.

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Facebook Active Authentication for Mobile to Increase Security

As a social network widely used around the world, members of Facebook are constant targets of phishing scams and theft of confidential information. For this and other reasons, the network accounts are hacked all the time. To try to reduce the occurrence of this problem, the social network has decided to increase its security scheme and implemented an authentication via mobile very similar to that created by Google for some time. Read more

Xiaomi Arch Display Smartphone

The first rumor on a smartphone with display curved sides of Xiaomi started circulating last year. At that time there was talk of Xiaomi Arch, just as a possible concept and nothing more, discrediting any possibility that the Chinese House could produce a smartphone with a similar solution, already introduced by Samsung first on Galaxy Edge and more recently with Galaxy S6 Edge.

From the pictures surfaced on the net you can deduce anything, even if it is unofficial shots. Read more

Be Notified When a Person to be Single on Facebook

In registers social networks we are used to mark the relationship status. With Facebook, however, this status has gained a certain update after the social network began to allow two people to become public their relationship, marking each other as lovers, boyfriends, married or even as a civil union, which has recently been implemented. An American programmer, however, was on the road opposite and created a specific website to warn when such relationships end. Read more

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