Google Search is Further Connected on Social Networks

In the middle of last year, Google has activated an experiment on your system search that made ​​him more social. Links to articles, images, videos or any digital content to be shared on social networks and were available publicly began to gain a certain prominence, appearing higher on the results page than the other links. Today Google announced an improvement in this scheme. Read more

How to Match a Blouse with Yoke


The peplum is a delightful and feminine ruffles that enhances and makes many stylish clothing for men, giving volume to the blouse or top between the waist and hips. The peplum is also called, in the field of fashion, “peplum”. The peplum is, today, a very popular decoration in women’s fashion. Every show of respect, from that spring and summer up to winter, brings on the catwalk at least one item of clothing adorned by the peplum, or basco. Read more

Moschino Black And White Dress

The Moschino autumn/winter 2013-2014, which was held on 22 February at during Milan fashion week was characterized by the strong presence of tartan, Indian style and fringes from the stark contrast of black and white. By expecting everything from sparkling garments to those more masculine or more bon ton and refined, and we can affirm that the style changing, what intrigues and hits each time, reaping acclaim in the fashion world once again has caught on.

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Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts: List of the Most Important Combinations

The Gmail is the third service email most used in the world. Besides being free and easy to use, it has the quality that only Google can offer. If you do not, you know that it is very easy to create an e-mail from Gmail. This service Keyboard shortcuts are key combinations that let you access commands more quickly, which speeds time to write a new message or reply to an e-mail. Read more

Lucrative Mozilla’s Deal with Google May Have Just

A search of Google that everyone sees in your Firefox currently is not there for nothing. A few years ago the Mozilla made ​​a deal with the world’s largest search engine to implement the search in the browser. This agreement was renewed in November 2008and would have the expiration date the last day of last month. A few days have passed, but until now Mozilla did not disclose whether the agreement was renewed or not, which puts into question the future of the company. Read more

H&M Fashion Against Aids Collectio

H & M presents its unisex line made ​​for the campaign Fashion Against AIDS 2011. This year, the sporty unisex collection is especially designed to meet the needs of both women and men, with a number of really interesting pieces. This is the fourth year in which the giant fashion low cost dedicated to this initiative designed to promote safe sex and AIDS prevention messages as fantasies in the same models. The collection will be on sale from April 28 to 25% of the proceeds will be donated to organizations that help young people who find themselves in this unfortunate situation. Read more

Good Quality Outdoor Jackets

Whether in good or bad weather, strahlendendem sunshine or strong winds, on long trips or short trips: A wind or rain jacket should always be with the luggage. A quality model protects the body against cold, wind and rain and makes it out to drive in all weather sports, whether it is road cycling, trekking or mountain biking. Even in winter, combined with warming function shirts, they come in winter sports for use.But in the market cavort countless different jackets from numerous suppliers, each of which advertises its model as the most functional, most beautiful, best. How is it because, in this confusing range to keep track and find the ideal jacket for yourself?Which type is suitable for which company? There is a selection of criteria on which you should look for when buying a men’s hooded jacket from Mensjacketsstore, so you as long as possible can enjoy this to.

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