Sony Studies The Possibility of Launching a Range High Size Small, a Mini Honami?

With a sharply rising trend in the diagonals of screen phones, especially in the high range, has become nowadays hard to find commercially available a Terminal features and content size, something that perhaps most would receive with happiness.

Brands have chosen to launch “Mini” versions of their terminals star, we already know the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and is about to introduce the HTC One Mini, although in these cases the smaller devices also lose specifications to become mid-range phones. Read more

Filtered Several Screenshots of a Promotional Video of The LG G2, Finally Yes Will Disappear The Optimus of The High Range

LG planned to eliminate their high range brand Optimus was something that we had already heard on several occasions. However, it is now when it looks like we can treat it more like a rumor, and is that everything suggests that the next flagship of LG It will simplify its name to a bare-bones LG G2.

The news comes from some screenshots taken from a promotional video for the new terminal star from LG, leaked by evleaks images and They let several details in addition to the name LG G2. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-Advanced Is Filtered in The Gallery “Unboxing”

We already knew of its existence by previous leaks, although Samsung still had not submitted it officially. It is now, not in an official way but unofficial, and is that we bring you the first real pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 vitaminized.

As we all know, the device will come to South Korea with the SK-Telecom operator for LTE-Advanced, improve main, although we do not know if you transferred borders finally. Read more

Google Released The Code Source GPL 3.2 Android Honeycomb

A week ago we announced the imminent presentation of 3.2 Android Honeycomb, initially available for the Motorola Xoom, which some users with WiFi version are already receiving update via OTA in the United States. Looking back, this new update will bring improvements of the interface, for adapt to other tablet screens with format different than the 10.1 inch, as well as make better use of the tablets with Qualcomm microprocessors. Will also implement the Zoom screen for applications typically for mobile, so thus they can stretch to the version of tablet, in the purest style of iOS for iPad.

Novelty, as the holder, is that this tim Read more

Samsung Do Not Bring Ice Cream Sandwich Until Well into 2012

After the official presentation of Ice Cream Sandwich we were surprised, and lot, which has precisely been the own Google who has been left out to your Nexus One, but little will import more expert users who seek an alternative arrival exit from the developer community. For newbies in the field it only will have hoped that this measure of pressure serves to seek a solution from Google to update it, that also meets all and clean that stain of lack of consideration. Read more

Google Has Officially Ice Cream Sandwich to Feed to The New Galaxy Nexus (Updated with Video)

In the early hours of today, from Hong Kong, has been finally made the presentation of the new Galaxy Nexus and nothing better to nourish the bowels of this terminal with the long-awaited new version of Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, It will be the relief expected for Gingerbread and Honeycomb. During the presentation he did a full tour of the changes of the official applications from their services for mobile, in addition to the news, which we will review you then. Read more

Might as Well Be Ice Cream Sandwich, Video

It will be 2 months we publish a possible stolen pictures on Ice Cream Sandwich, What will be the next version of Android for mobile phones and tablets. A number put us much that the version of the operating system was not, but this could have some logic taking into account that it would be a beta version. As Eric Schmidt already confirmed recently, ICS will be released in October or November, so it is more than logical that we are beginning to receive more rumors count on your specifications or the next terminal of the factory of Google. Read more

Google Optimize Android That Is Adapted to Intel Processors

Our colleagues from Engadget already advanced us yesterday the news about upcoming plans between Intel and Google to get to your next processors stop run Gingerbread through his bowels, with a date estimated for the beginning of 2012. Perhaps these plans are somewhat outdated considering that Google has already confirmed the presentation of Ice Cream Sandwich will be between October and November, 2011.

This news, along with purchase of Motorola Mobile marks a new direction for the Android platform, but above all with the Google plans in relation to the business of mobile, career that probably will be studied by putting a Intel at its point of sight and mutual interests. Read more

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