App Test: Navigon Select Telekom Edition

Free navigation software for the iPhone
Navigation is now not only a paid extra, but rather a free feature of many smartphones, as examples serve here the approaches of Google and Nokia. These free solutions are now a real threat to well-established producers such as TomTom and Co, not only the stock market, but also the manufacturers themselves. In the course of this market development, CeBIT announced a remarkable cooperation between T-Mobile and Navigon IPhone is now available free of charge, exclusively for T-Mobile customers. The DACH version (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) has cost about € 60. This will be removed immediately * and will be replaced by the free reduced select edition-as noted, officially only available for T-Mobile customers from Germany. After this app of these days in the App-Store, I could not help but of course as a T-Mobile customer Navigon Select ( App-Store link ) download and a small “Testdrive”. Read more

Groom Plus Size Clothing

It’s not only the bride should shine upon entering the Church or in the lounge. The groom also needs to be well dressed, with an outfit that it fell well and combine with the dress of the bride. Who is overweight, you will also find good options of suits and costumes in 2012 models to use in your wedding. Those who don’t want to buy a piece ready still have the option of having the bespoke suit, a great alternative to making an outfit that will serve you perfectly.

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Hello Multitasking!

Bye iPhone 3G…
In fact, Apple has presented on today’s iPhone OS 4 multitasking event for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The catch: iPhone 3G and iPod Touch up to the second generation do not benefit from the big, new feature of the fourth iPhone software and are officially demoted to the old iron. Considering that the iPhone 3G is still in the store shelves of the T-Mobile shops stands, is already quite surprising. The official justification: On the old hardware, the parallel execution of apps is simply not possible. But there are still a few other features that you could look forward to. Read more

Tips for Choosing a Fitness Bracelet

One of the most popular exercise equipment of recent times are the fitness wristbands. These wristbands allow you to access a set of data that tells the level of physical exertion of each one, whether to exercise or just a normal work day. Many physical activity practitioners prefer to use this type of equipment in order to be able to measure results more quickly and enlightenment. If you are looking for a fitness bracelet then know some tips to take into account when choosing the best one for you.

1º- What Do You Need To Monitor?

The fitness wristbands make known a large number of data so before you buy your should think about what you want to measure. The vast majority of fitness wristbands have two essential functions: the pedometer and the calorie counter. The pedometer lets you count the steps you take throughout the day, while the calorie counter is often associated with the heart rate monitor. Incidentally, the heart rate monitor is another option you should consider. This option allows you to know which peak periods are useful for activity periods.
The sleep monitor lets you know the quality of your sleep through a motion sensor that tells you if your sleep has been interrupted and measures REM sleep, as well as light or deep sleep. The fitness wristbands that offer this information can even incorporate an alarm that chooses the best time to wake up in the sleep cycle according to clothingexpress.

2nd-Waterproof Or Waterproof?

The vast majority of fitness wristbands are water resistant. However, if you want to carry your wrist strap to practice swimming or other activities within water you should consider a fitness bracelet that is waterproof. Some of the more advanced fitness wristbands can even detect the strokes and offer information about the technique.


Using a fitness wristband also involves battery management, especially if you need to monitor your performance daily. Models with many sensors or high resolution screen tend to need to be loaded regularly. But the vast majority of fitness wristbands maintain a range between three and ten days. So, you should look for the one that has a more profitable battery for what you want.


Fitness wristbands allow you to sync with your smartphone, but first of all you should check to see if the device you want is compatible with the operating system of your smartphone. This is because there are bracelets that are not compatible with Windows Phone and others that only work with Android smartphones. You should not even forget that the application that comes with fitness bracelet is also important since it will be from here that will know your data, score goals and even challenge your friends.

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