Clothes for Maternity

Today I wanted to do a special post about maternity clothes. I follow the Dolce Drink by Instagram (@dolcecasabebe) and almost go crazy every time they post a new vest. As it’s been over 1 year that I experienced that here at home, I was homesick, talk a little bit about Trousseau of motherhood and I can’t forget the future moms who are in this phase so hot preparations. Read more

How to Fill Water Bottles Flimsy

Bottled water is one of the most convenient ways to get your recommended daily intake of water. One way to minimize waste is to reuse these fragile plastic water bottles before throwing them away. But, you must be careful to reuse your bottles. The damp space, closed is the perfect place to incubate the bacteria from the mouth and the environment. A bad smell or taste is a clear sign of a thriving colony of bacteria. To keep your stomach safely, be sure to carefully clean plastic bottles before reuse.

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A Brief Overview of the Ios4

Four things you should know about iOS 4…
Since yesterday evening, there is now the long-awaited iOS 4 in the download with iTunes or alternatively also the possibility of the direct download (see article at fscklog ). The update is possible for all iPhone 3G and 3GS and the iPod touch second and third generation, leaving out the original iPhone and the first iPod touch. For these devices, the official software support from Apple will end. For the first time the update is completely free of charge for iPod touch. However, not all new features are supported by the iPhone 3G and the second generation iPod touch, so these models do not benefit from multitasking, keyboards via Bluetooth can not be connected, the background image of the home screen can not be exchanged, and the spears can be aligned Can not be activated. Of course, what else should you know in any case, if you have already installed or installed the update? Read more

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