Operate The Samsung Galaxy, The HTC One Not So Much. Financial Results

Sales forecasts as high on the Samsung Galaxy S3 (reaching 10 million in July), logically also would come with significant revenue, and it seems that the estimates used for the second quarter of the year are quite positive.

The Korean company plans to have profits of 5,900 billion dollars, of which by of 90% come from the mobile division. Although they are global numbers, not directly from phones, frightened checked as they are a 78.7% higher than the previous quarter, and 14.5% better than in the same period of last year.

It seems that the European crisis, one of the main markets of Samsung, is not affecting too to their numbers, but already provide for measures with reductions in costs and price hikes, according to reports from Reuters.

In the words of a Samsung Executive, is informed that the new flagship of the Korean firm could arrive to the 19 million units sold in the quarter.

HTC does not come out of the doldrums

We already knew that HTC does not pass at its best moment, and hoped that the second quarter of 2012 was a period of change with the arrival of more than notable HTC One, but it seems that it is costing out well.

HTC has reported a significant decrease in their quarterly numbers, with a revenue of US $ 3,000 million, which represents 57% less in the same quarter of last year.

Net income for the quarter is 247.5 million dollars, compared to 585.95 million the previous year, but superior to the 149.5 million for the last quarter. Fortunately is a positive progression in the year which we hope will be maintained in the third quarter, for the health of the company and the good of the competition.

Work in the courts is more important

The company puts as an excuse, I mean guilt, to the delays in sales in United States by Customs and patents, issues related to Apple, and the weak sales in the European market.

We remind you that in the case of Samsung is a forecast, and the HTC figures are not audited, soon we will have the data final, accompanied by number of units sold, at least in the case of HTC, which as you know that Samsung is non-transparent in this regard.

One factor to take into account, that it has already suffered HTC, is the freeze on sales of important terminals in the United States. Google has removed from circulation its Galaxy Nexus (possibly be counted on sales of Samsung) issues which has with Apple in court, and the same thing is happening with the House 10-inch tablet.