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Nokia Lumia 820 in the Test

Nokia Lumia 820 in the Test
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Good facilities, easy operation, moderate readings: In the test, the Nokia Lumia 820 leaves an ambiguous image.

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The Nokia Lumia 820 according to the producer costs 499 euros. 150 euros less than for a Lumia 920, the current top model of Nokia, due to 200 euros more than for the well tested, but at least HTC 8s. There is where the Finns over the larger model from their own home have saved and invested compared to the cheaper model from HTC.

Between luxury and waiver

Not easy to assess it at the display, which is executed in contrast – and color-strong and also very perspective stable OLED technology. With 325 candela per square meter, it is bright enough for friendly summer days, there come many other OLED displays.

When the resolution is what requires a little willingness to compromise Web browsing and viewing images compared to top smartphones but at 800 x 480 pixels.

Apart from this small shortcoming reads the list of equipment like the wishlist of a Smartphone connoisseur. Such as the radio data transmission, for UMTS quick access the dual-carrier HSPA mode as dominated as the faster LTE on the five most important frequency bands (800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz). Thus it is ideally equipped for Europe as well as for the United States.

Since it is not surprising that even Wi-FI both in the 2.4-GHz band (in Europe widespread) is – supported this in the 5 GHz band, as is common in the United States. Bluetooth is also on board, and with the NFC also supported the owner of 820 can feel trendy.

Processor: Trendy

Fully in line with the trend is also the computing power of the Lumia 820. As in more expensive Windows phones by Nokia and HTC a Qualcomm Snapdragon-S4 processor 1.5 gigahertz clock and two computing cores here provides for steam.

And Nokia when the Lumia 820 from the possibility makes use unlike HTC in the 8s, to reduce the amount of memory (this is potentially reduces compatibility) to 512 MB: here is the usual gigabytes available.

Thus the modern Windows phone 8 brings out its advantages fully of, especially as Nokia like at the Lumia 920 put back with your own software. So the Naviagtions software drive + is installed beta, which navigates inexpensively abroad if advance downloading maps on the device. The Nokia’s own augmented – reality program called City compass indicates in the strange city restaurants, shopping and medical care. While Nokia Music with time limited free streams for good entertainment.

Accommodate large data storage from just 5 GB are available maps and music in the 8 GB. Additionally, the Lumia 820 can be extended via micro SD card up to 32 GB.

Camera: without that special something

The camera in the large Nokia Lumia 920 is top. Also in the small Lumia, an 8-megapixel camera of from Carl Zeiss Optics specialist works. This resolution is more than sufficient for normal computer monitors and notebook displays. Even with the finest photo printing up to 20 x 30 cm, formats are hereby possible for successful photographs.

And good pictures can be with the Lumia 820 in normal ambient light, how to find it on sunny days or in well lit rooms, without another shoot. However, the peculiarity of the Lumia 920 is its optical image stabilizer which in relatively dark environments distant objects without camera shake to the sensor capture can. The Lumia-820-optics convinced as long as objects even with the double LED Photo light can be explained well in the dark. An example photo, see the photo gallery above.

But when everything is too far away for this light, here no photo stabilizer can provide extra long, light Catching exposure times. The photo camera of small Windows phone 8-device of the Finns is so good, without having that special something Lumia-920-camera.

Processing and handling: No lightweight

As already in the Lumia 920, the good facilities here also reflected in dimensions and weight. The Lumia 820 is somewhat handier than the 920, total but always still exceptionally lush with 68 mm width and weight 162 g. And also if you are looking a particularly light companion, is not found in the smaller Windows phone model Nokia.

Clear advantage is the removable housing – the color can be thus also changed as the battery. In modern smartphones, this is a rare as well as practical luxury now. If you want even more luxury, can change the back cover against one Inductive charging technology. With such an and with a charging cradle after the so-called Qi standard can be wirelessly download the Lumia 820.

Laboratory measurements: Metrological point of view weak

It should according to our measurements on the phone about almost all four (UMTS) be required up to ten hours (GSM); the typical endurance is in mixed operation with surfing and other applications using the screen 4:09 hours.

Overall stamina is at a good level. But especially in UMTS, the Lumia 820 attracts exceptionally much power. Because the sendand receive services fall short of the expectations aroused by other smartphones – easily in GSM and in UMTS mode strong – the smaller Lumia metrological point of view does not convince. Even the overall balanced acoustics does not prevent as a “sufficient” as overall rating with the measured.

Bottom line: Good quality, ease of use

Whether connect here got a Monday device, we will try to to test on the basis of a second copy. Until then, the Lumia 820 with NFC, micro-SD-card slot, lush and sensible software shows good facilities with its ease of use, and also a good handling – on the one hand.

On the other hand are the weaknesses in the sendand receive performance and at the endurance in UMTS mode simply cannot be overlooked, so suffice it here as a whole only for a satisfactory overall result.


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