Nightlight Guide

The bedroom is for us a place where we relaxed and slept peacefully. It is important that we feel comfortable and agusto on it. Suitable, textiles nice furniture and other accessories are an important part. But something that transforms the atmosphere is special lighting. That is why we must choose the right lamp night.

When choosing the right lamp night there are many criteria to consider; colors and materials, lights, but especially its design and functionality. The nightlight is enormously important in lighting in the bedroom as the need to read, watch television or to enlighten if we get up in the middle of the night.

Bedside lamps – Variety

There are different models of lamps at night, so you can find one that suits your exact needs. Need a lamp for reading or only a dim light will ignite to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night? As in all walks of life, people have different needs and for each there is a solution

If you are someone who likes to go to bed with a good book in hand, choose a gooseneck lamp in vintage style on This lamp can be placed on your nightstand and directed directly over the area you want to illuminate. This way you will not bother if there is another person in the room who wants to sleep and have the right amount of to read comfortably lighting. We recommend that you do with a light intensity of which you can regulate, so you will ensure that you always have the perfect intensity for your time reading.

If you are someone who prefer to relax by watching some TV or just doing zapping , we recommend a bedside lamp wall. This type of lamp can be placed on the wall above the bedside tables or on the head and radiate a warm light that creates a cozy atmosphere.

LED lights for the bedroom

A decorative option that is becoming popular is the use of LED lights as bedside lamp. There are a variety of designs and functions. From adjustable LED lights with different colors that can be placed behind the headboard to strips of LED lights that can be placed on the walls or ceiling to create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

LED lights as nightlight have a great advantage is that, because of their long life and durability, you should not worry if you fall asleep and leave lit a long time.

Bedside lamp with style

Of course, the functions of a night light are very important because in the first place, the lamp is there to give light- but as with all furniture and accessories can not stop thinking about their design and appearance.

Much of the design is determined by the materials and textiles used ; a rustic wooden lamp has a more natural and more intimate than cold metal lamp with a screen in black and white appearance. The important thing is that the bedside lamp fits the style of the bedroom or, if you prefer, in the case of a focal and original element that contrasts with the rest of the decor.