Night Fishing Guide

The tent is one of the few fish that can be caught by the night. All carp angler should experience strong and unique sensations of a night session. The darkness and them changes of location create an environment unique that not leave indifferent to the fisherman. Here you have our tips and our tricks to make your sessions night of fishing.

For all sessions of night fishing, both short and long, it must be a minimum of preparation. Night fishing has its rules and a way of doing different that we must know that:


The Bivouac is your space during the night session and you must achieve to be as practical as possible and is well organized. The bivouac with daybed is useful to protect from rain and rest from time to time. The bivouac can also be the ideal place if you need to produce assemblies. Inside you can use lighting that does not alert the fish that are around.

The rocking chair is an indispensable element that you must not underestimate. As the wait can be long, maybe be as comfortable as possible.

Alltimefishing recommended place them baits it more high possible to avoid that the rodents are them eat.

Prepare some baited line low to gain time. Place them in a specially designed bag bass line for this purpose.

On the other hand, check the batteries of the detectors to avoid having to manipulate them at night.

And finally, don’t forget to remove any obstacle around the rod brackets to not to fall when there is a jerk.


Don’t wait to the nightfall to Prime your posts. You can start priming the posts a few days before your session. Thus the tents will get used to eat where you want.

Put a little bait one or two hours before your night fishing session. This allows you to maintain accuracy in your released to better place the baits.

If you want to avoid the attacks of some fish and fake pulls, you must increase the size of your bait. To do this, we recommend the 20 cm boilies or groundnuts.

When night falls, simply have a soluble bag with some boilies with a powerful aroma (Strawberry, pineapple) and your prepared line low. Now you have only achieved a released accurate and effective. For this reason, it is important to have some references before it gets dark. For example, trees, a Bell Tower or even the top of a mountain may be easy to memorize cue points.


The darkness may be a factor against to manipulate and receive fish. It is important to prepare well in advance the place of receipt. Welcome mat, bag weight, dynamometer or bags of conservation groups in one place. Everything should be close to the shore to take the fish easily to welcome mat.

Finally, always keep a bucket of water near the place of receipt to go comfortably damping welcome mat, bag of conservation and fish.


If you put weights in the welcome bag, you will avoid the wind carry it and it disappears in the darkness. You can also fix it with a stake in the handles. Keep that in mind!


Carpet of reception Moon Concept is easily at night.

If you want to illuminate the place of reception, avoid too powerful light which could dazzle and scaring the carp. Prioritizes a lighting UV, more soft, as it’s the Lantern Moon Concept.