NFC, the Easiest Way to Listen to Music on Speakers

Some time ago we told you about the NFC. A technology that allowed sharing files between mobile  with only approach them. It looks like magic , but it works swimmingly as we saw recently with the One Touch of Sony.

NFC, the Easiest Way to Listen to Music on Speakers

Today we have to talk about the NFC but not file transfer but with music as the main protagonist. Did you know that by NFC you can listen to music from your phone to the speakers?

About touching and listening

Near Fiel Communication, or NFC for friends, it is a technology that operates over another protocol connection (WiFi or Bluetooth) to act as an intermediary and facilitate synchronization with a natural gesture.

Instead of having to go to the settings menu, activate the bluetooth and find that person… We just need to open the file, touch it with another mobile and within seconds will begin sending. Much simpler than as we did before.

However, increasingly are headphones and speakers that benefit from NFC for easy wireless connection with mobile or tablets. It just takes the magic touch that willallow the connection.


It is a breakthrough. Surely, many will remember the dock for mobile phones with built-in speaker. They worked well, but had the problem that every phone had the connection port on a different site.

Therefore, the Bluetooth in conjunction with the NFC from, is a winning combination. We got home, the mobile speaker together and started to listen to music while doing other things.

The same is true with headphones. Sony models, which are now on sale, offer this possibility. Only the mobile must bring ear and begin playing music without delays and with perfect quality.

All we need is a smartphone with NFC connection. Today, almost all high-end Android have it, and BlackBerry. iOS and Windows Phone are outside, but we can also continue using it.


We’ll just have to do a synchronization via Bluetooth so no matter if we have an iPhone, an iPad or Nokia Lumia. As we explained before: NFC is a layer that works as an intermediary for Bluetooth or WiFi.

If you are looking models, in El Corte Ingles is a selection of headphones and speakers at your disposal. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal in the comments below.