Nexus Smartphones from HTC Confirmed

The fact that HTC is still to make at least until 2017 the Nexus smartphones for Google, is practically an open secret. After all, there should also be a regular contract. Nevertheless, rumors about the Nexus generation 2016 were not exclusive to HTC coin. The manufacturer from Taiwan has now registered with the American licensing authority FCC both models for this year and thus left no more doubt.

HTC Nexus: Presentation In October?

The cover letter is kept relatively short. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that the devices that are registered must be the new Nexus smartphones. As the first presentation is rumored for early October, more information and pictures about the two new smartphones should not be long in coming. First photos to the new Nexus generation has already been given and at least apparently suggest a few features according to whereversmartphone.

HTC Nexus: Content Of The Registration

Basically, the published letter only mentions that two devices with cryptic model numbers are registered. However, it is also said that the registered “User Guide” is a pre-release and the final version will be shown at, as soon as the release took place. And what else is meant under these circumstances? The registration at the FCC is supplemented only by a few technical data, for example the 3.18 kernel, with which the two Neuxs smartphones should be equipped. For comparison: The Nexus 5X still runs with the kernel version 3.10.

Htc Nexus: Technical Details

There is not much to say about the technical equipment. However, the model “Sailfish” should be equipped with the Snapdragon 821 in any case. The newest processor model from Qualcomm will not be idle for a long time. In addition, we can assume that the Nexus smartphones will be delivered with Android 7 nougat, even if LG’s LG with the V20 to release the first smartphone with the latest Android version. Finally, the Nexus smartphones on the back should be covered with glass and there also bear the fingerprint sensor.