New Windows Live Messenger Falls into the Net

The newest generation of Windows Live Wave, suite which includes the ubiquitous instant messenger Live Messenger and also famous Mail, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and Sync fell on the network and is available for download in an “unofficial” in some sites torrent. Still in Beta stage of development, theoretically its programs should only run on machines that have corporate users credentials of Microsoft, that little problem can be easily solved by a patch that is being circulated around.

According to the review done by the site staff Download Squad, all programs had their visual renewed but for now only the Live Messenger seems to be fully integrated with the Windows 7 interface, with the most visible novelty the possibility to gather all your conversations in one window, separated by tabs.

But the Mail client has some features à la Outlook and received Writer compatibility enhancements with Youtube and Facebook. The new Photo Gallery follows the trail of your Picasa and iPhoto competitors and now allows the user to put tags on people, geolocation and comments on the images, while the Movie Maker has been “improved” without your changes were specified.

The current generation of Windows Live Wave was launched in late 2008, still in the Vista time, and none of its programs had changed since then. There is still no date for the new version is officially released.