New Malware: Is Apple Products At Risk?

HowSMB has published a report on WireLurker – a malware that have sprung up recently.

WireLurker rubs for jailbroken Apple hardware, but it appears that Apple’s common products can also be affected. This can be done by transferring the malware to Mac’s infected iPhones and tablets, which are not jailbroken.

More than 350,000 units has been infected by WireLurker
Palo Alto Networks writes in his report that malvaren can hit both iOS and OSX-products. There are a number of apps containing WireLurker. On the Chinese app-market Maiyadi there are over 460 apps with malvaren, and these apps have been downloaded over 350,000 times. This means that more than 350,000 units may be affected by this virus.

How dangerous is WireLurker?
WireLurker malware works such that a Mac that is infected can transmit it to an iPhone, URf.eks. via USB. Then can retrieve data from your phone, and Macen send them on. It could be the serial number of your iPhone, the phone number, your iTunes ID etc.
Do not panic, but it’s smart to be careful, no matter if your iPhone is jailbroken or not!