Natural Materials Wallpaper

They are already real eye-catcher, the wallpaper of grass, cork, real wood, sandstone and other natural materials. Real grass wallpapers are manufactured mainly in Asian countries. Sandstone comes from our Breitengraten. Wallpapers from natural materials are wallpaper for individualists. Her beauty changed any room and is simply enchanting.The natural materials are placed on a support, as they occur in nature.Each track is different. This is a typical sign of the authenticity of the nature wallpaper.Are you more likely to exact pattern, you should take more of these wallpapers distance.For all others use natural wallpapers are a great eye-catcher.

Natural Materials Wallpaper

Wallpaper Made From Natural Fibers Are Genuine Handmade

Murals from Japan grass, sisal, bamboo or seaweed are handmade. On an irregular structure you’re getting to. But precisely this is in the grass wallpaper desired Digopaul. In looms the natural fiber is woven and placed on a paper or non-woven backing. The natural character gives your rooms a unique charm. Especially if you have opted for an Asian-style interiors, nature wallpapers fit exactly. Somehow they always adheres offers a hint of the exotic.

Sandstone Wallpaper Set With Striking Grain Accents

A hit is the sandstone wallpaper Stoneplex sand. Genuine sandstone adorn your walls in a warm tone and an exclusive grain, which is natural. The wallpaper for individualists are made of real sandstone. With a special process, the sandstone is quarried and brought to a carrier material. For the color of the sandstone minerals are responsible as clay, haematite or limonite.

Process Natural Wallpaper

In nature wallpaper, you should leave the greatest caution when wallpapering exercise so as not to damage the wallpaper. Conveniently, it is always, if you have some experience in wallpapering. Please use only the paste places specified. In bright grass wallpaper the previous gluing a Rollenmakulatur or Renoviervlieses is recommended. To compensate for color differences on the substrates. To prevent smudges get on the wallpaper, please work with clean hands or rubber gloves. Should a Leimfleck come on the wallpaper surface, pat this gently with a sponge and clean water. The wallpaper should not be too much wetted. At joints of the wallpaper put a strip waste paper to the shock and then hitting with a foam rubber roller on the shocks. This emerging paste is equal collected.

If you process the natural wallpaper professionally, you get a perfect image and Decorating a room with a very special flair.