Nail Art Mikeligna Tutorial

We talk about video tutorials on makeup, but these two girls with their simplicity have made it a ‘Modern femininity icon.

The incredible evolution of the internet helped to merge our reality with that of network notebook’s parallel life where takes shape the alter ego or more ‘simply where did you get that little bit of courage in more’need to show themselves to the world and to us.

Ed and ‘the case of  Clio Zammatteo better known as Clio Make-Up and Michela Parisi aka Mikeligna, two young girls, like many others that have created through the “tube” video tutorial simple and clean able to recognize a great number women in makeup or a nail art testify that in some cases, show what ‘well we can through the channel and’ what good can be done.

Clio and Michela, not simply to create a beauty advice, but to a real community where you said, they exchange opinions, ask little tips and expect new videos, they have created a meeting place, a big d’ meeting place for the industry passionate and maybe not.
Maybe they started with the belief a bit ‘absurd that in the room, in front of the PC and gossipy eye of the webcam there were only them and their passion: try to imagine all those people who then will go to see the video and advise to someone else, perhaps with a simple copy and paste the link and that in turn will do so with others, and so to the bitter end. I said, try to imagine all these careful observers, all together, in their room at the time of the making of the videoclip! I defy anyone not to have a completely different attitude from that calm and confident that the network presents to us!

Beautiful, brave and courageous these girls with their passion and desire to share it with the world show us how many things at once can be done in one (think, just one!) Life if he simply finds the courage to make manicure makeup.

Clio, gia ‘makeup artist in New York, in addition to his professionalism has filled the color video, sympathy and great irony, framing them with chitchat, those between friends, good ones that give you smiles and fans come the desire to be present at a mega breakfast in the Big Apple, just proposed to her with the intention of not being “mega” but with the inevitable result of over ninety appearances. Now in its second series on digital channel Real Time and twice in library with Rizzoli, does not cease to be “one of us”, the Clio upstairs or next door instead of the classic cup of sugar, sweet to her already it offers us a makeup to feel beautiful in every occasion and for this we like.

that’s a hobby, a nice crop of their daily life becomes cropping so many of us who engage in the art of beauty with results more ‘or less satisfactory but with the knowledge that help us to be more’ beautiful makes us feel good and even the mirror smiles as he reflects air vain and a little ‘what superb seductive look magically come out of the tips of Clio or our hands as ultra-feminine and elegant thanks to the help of colorful Mikeligna.

She, Michela closely following the Clio Make-channel publishing and in turn over two hundred videos and ‘become Web Tutor for Pupa Nail Academy and has published a guide: “Nail Art” with Rizzoli.

Thanks to Clio and Michela that make you want to get passionate more and more to what ‘that we like, it’s a hidden talent or already known, just a hobby or an open door to new horizons.

Thank you for us to believe, starting with the little things, that anything is possible.