Multi Function Garden Tools

Multifunctional the trend. Therefore not surprising that we now welcome the multi-function garden machine. Not five different space wasters in the barn or building, but a machine with different accessories. Cheaper, smarter and more compact. Energy consumption is a fifth lower emissions up to 75% lower than other models and physical symptoms to the user can be prevented. Many gardeners are very few machines takes place in the barn or storage. There are-fortunately-a machine that helps to weekly care of the grass, there’s one that leaves helps clean up, and we have such a great tool for pruning shrubs and hedges. Meanwhile, the multi-functionality of a real social trend. And you just have to get a multi-purpose garden machinery. Which is now Husqvarna. The garden machine 122LD is to own must turn into a trimmer, hedge trimmer, pole saw, edge trimmer or leaf blower. It makes a difference: no longer five machines in the shed or garage, but only one. Not only is neat and tidy. It is also safer. When filling the fuel leakage current tools for the garden often. It is not a safe situation, especially if it is warm and the fuel evaporates. Not to mention the fact that this is more environmentally friendly. Home owners can breathe a sigh of relief when purchasing garden tools are suddenly a lot easier, and thanks to “a machine, various accessories” much cheaper.

75% less emissions

Another trend is “cleaner” garden machine. This also applies to 122LD. That are cleaner than others, and all cleaner than the older generation, emissions are 75% lower. The multifunction machine will consume up to one fifth or 20% less fuel. It is also wrong that the holder is only one tank set instead of five. Husqvarna is also nice that the sound of the machine by more than half have been reduced compared to previous models. The 122LD has called SmartStart. This means to start the engine easily fall. Furthermore, the resistance of the cord 40% less than in the case of the other starting systems.

What can you do with it?

Husqvarna 122LD trimmer is directed against a person who has a well-tended garden, of course, with a minimal investment of time and effort. The grass edges, spots in the lawn where the normal mower can not reach, and patches of grass are among garden furniture finished to the trimmer. The other accessories of the machine ensures the care of shrubs, dispel unwanted branches in the tree, “manage” hedges and clear all garden waste and leaves the proceeds of labor in the garden.

What accessories?

The machine is equipped by with a detachable barrel, and this means that five different accessories can be placed on the machine. There are stick, which allows frequent update bushes much easier. With side cutter, which has a vertically rotating blades, you can update right lawn edges neatly. The trimmer can, thanks to the curved shaft reaches simply places around the lawns and flowerbeds conventional lawn mowers cannot reach. The hedge trimmer with double knife, cut a hedge, with minimal effort to the desired length. Finally, the fan which blows away debris and garden waste.

Preventing physical complaints

A two-stroke engine delivers as much power using all the tools. Since the machine has adjustable handles, the user is working in a good ergonomic position. So you can work out the garden looks perfect, without causing an unhealthy attitude physical complaints. Since the machine emits little vibration, the arms and hands spared. All in all it promises to be the multi-functional machine garden more comfortable, more efficient and faster work in the garden.

About Husqvarna

Husqvarna is the world’s largest producer of petrol-powered garden equipment such as chainsaws, trimmers, lawn mowers and garden tractors. Husqvarna also leads the European market under the Gardena brand in consumer irrigation systems and accessories. Husqvarna is a world leader in the field of professional diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.