Mozilla Says That Microsoft’s Failure Cost 9 Million Firefox Downloads

The business vice president of Mozilla, Harvey Anderson, published this week in his blog an interesting perspective on the number of downloads Firefox. He says that according to their estimates, if Microsoft had included the choice of browser screen in Windows 7 SP1 in Europe, Firefox would have up to 9 million downloads.

Anderson says Microsoft failed to meet the European Union’s determination to display the choice screen for almost 18 months. The problem was in the Windows 7 SP1, which was released in early 2011 and did not come with the choice screen, which Microsoft attributed to a “failure” unspecified. During this period, says Anderson, Firefox lost between 6 and 9 million downloads.

Still on the numbers he cites that the release of Windows 7 SP1 without the screen, Firefox daily downloads fell by an average 63%, leaving 20 thousand. After correction, this number increased to 50 thousand per day, representing an increase of 150%. And with that, Firefox ended up losing a few percentage points of market share – in total 3.5% during the period.

It was only in July this year the fault has been corrected, and the screen has to be shown again, which yielded some problems for Microsoft with the European Commission. But to the chagrin of the Redmond company, it does not help much: Internet Explorer saw its share fall slowly also during the period that the screen did not appear.