Moisturizing Skin in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life. For nine months your baby grows inside your belly, feeling step by step all its development, and longing for the moment when you will have it in your arms.

Moisturizing Skin in Pregnancy

However, with pregnancy also come many changes. With tummy growth, skin tightening and deregulated hormones, it is natural for problems like stretch marks and pimples to develop.

For this reason, it is essential for the pregnant woman to keep her skin hydrated during pregnancy. Find out a little more about the changes suffered by the skin, and also how to keep the skin hydrated in pregnancy.

Changes in skin during pregnancy

Gestation brings with it several changes that can cause some damage to the skin.

Hormonal changes cause dehydration of the skin, and skin enlargement, caused by belly growth, but also by weight gain in places such as the buttocks, breasts and thighs, it is normal for stretch marks to appear.

In addition, with unregulated hormone levels, the skin can become oily, thus causing the appearance of pimples.

It is therefore vital to always keep your skin hydrated during pregnancy. Then you will know better how to do it.

Homemade recipe to keep skin hydrated in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman should avoid to the maximum use products with chemicals, as they may interfere with the development of her baby.

Then check out a homemade recipe that will help keep your skin hydrated in pregnancy.


  • Sweet almond oil;
  • ointment Hipoglós;
  • simple moisturizing cream.

How to prepare:
In a glass container with a lid, you should mix all the ingredients very well until a homogeneous cream is formed. At the end, cover and apply twice a day in the most affected areas.

How to keep skin moisturized during pregnancy

There are some tips you should follow in order to keep your skin hydrated in pregnancy. Check out:

  • Drink plenty of water daily so as to prevent fluid retention, and thus swelling of hands, legs, feet, ankles, etc.
  • Have a balanced diet and weight control promoter. During pregnancy, the pregnant woman should not gain more than 9 to 12 kg of weight.
  • Avoid standing too long and wear elastic stockings.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
  • Always use sunscreen products.