Microsoft Lumia 950: Camera Tips For Even More Beautiful Photos

The Microsoft Lumia 950 has a 20-MP camera with optical image stabilizer, which allows you to capture beautiful and exciting moments in photos. So that the images are also nice, we give you here a few tips on using your Smartphone camera.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Camera Tips For Even More Beautiful Photos

If It Has to Go Quickly

Often, the best photos are created spontaneously. It is the child who stands on his feet for the first time, the butterfly which lands on the balcony plant, or the TV star who suddenly stands at the bakery next to one at the box office: in many situations it is important, that the camera is up and running quickly, because just as spontaneously as spectacular moments occur, they are also often over. According to ehuzhou, the Lumia 950 camera is happily designed in such moments is quick to respond, if you served them right.

There are two ways to prepare the Lumia 950 quickly for a photo shoot. One requires that you first unlock your Smartphone. Then it goes quickly: simply rubbing with a finger from the top to the bottom and select “Camera”. If the camera is not in the quick access is displayed, you can add it under “Expand”. For the second variant must you even unlock the Lumia 950. Hold just a moment the camera button on the side of your Smartphone and within a moment, you should be ready for a photo.

Photos with Optimum Exposure

Who dealt much with photography, but usually just go take photos of the do without that’s why on the advanced features of the camera in the Microsoft Lumia 950. You noticed, for example, that the lighting conditions may be somewhat awkward for a satisfactory photo, then a simple function to help is offered: the exposure bracketing.

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So you need to make not ten individual attempts to adjust the camera of the Lumia 950 to light, the exposure bracketing you shoot multiple photos with different settings. For this type on “camera |” … | Bracketing”. The menu item “Number of photos to be included”, should be self-explanatory; under “Exposure area”, you can set the size of the exposure value steps between shots. Once you have confirmed with the hook, photos when triggered the Lumia 950 camera be shot several times and with varying exposure.

Group Photo by Self Timer

You are Christmas, Easter or new year’s Eve in a group on the road or at home and want to take a photo of them all? If you want to on the photo, that’s no problem with the Lumia 950. Preparation choose from only one place, where you can to put your Smartphone or place that the whole group also in front of the camera lens is. Watch this on a secure storage point, so can the Smartphone does not fall down and take damage.

Are already all pose and you have found the right place, then simply type in “camera |” … | Photo self timer “. See “Delay”, you can now choose how long the time lag between the tap of the record button and the actual raising of the camera should be.


  • The camera of the Lumia 950 can start your quick menu that opens her by her coat with the finger from the top of the screen down
  • Your phone is locked, you can open faster the camera by by you the camera key moment hold long
  • See “camera |” … | Bracketing”is created a recording mode which is offered under difficult lighting conditions and multiple photos with different settings
  • A group photo with time-delayed self timer you can use the option “camera |” … | Customize Photo self timer “