Microsoft Full Migration of Hotmail to

In July 2012, Microsoft launched the, new service email free with Metro interface and integration with social networks. Today, the Redmond company announced that finished migrating all old accounts Hotmail to his successor. The numbers are impressive: in just six weeks, 150 million gigabytes of data exchanged service.

In the official announcement, Microsoft celebrates the rapid growth of In the first six hours after launch, they were created 1,004,763 accounts, almost 3000 per minute. In February, when the came out of beta, the company said it was the “e-mail service the fastest growing in the world”, with 60 million new mailboxes in just six months.

With the completed migration, now has over 400 million accounts. The process was not easy: Microsoft states that “the magnitude was amazing, perhaps unprecedented.” They migrated all calendars, messages, contacts, folders and personal preferences in an e-mail service with billions of requests per day. If something went wrong, it is certain that the losses would be quite large.

The service also won two new features today. Now you can send emails from using another address (like a @ without the person on the other side see. In addition, integration with SkyDrive was deeper: you can access all your files from the interface and then send them as an attachment.

The new features should be released for all users in the coming weeks. Microsoft promises that more features are yet to come and also thanks the members of the old Hotmail, which was in active since 1996. Ah yes: all the old addresses, @, will continue to function normally.

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