Mi Music Alarm Clock

Xiaomi is currently one of the most diverse technology brands in the market.

Mi Music Alarm Clock

To complete its already long list, the Chinese brand introduced the Mi Music Alarm Clock, an alarm clock that also serves as a wireless speaker.

If there is something that can not be criticized in Xiaomi is the fact of trying to offer its customers a wide variety of different equipment that form a very complete ecosystem, which already has smartphones, external batteries, drones, mirrorless cameras, laptops, wristbands Intelligent , among others.

Recently, Xiaomi introduced a new product, the Mi Music Alarm Clock, an elegant alarm clock that also included a loudspeaker becoming a wireless speaker.

Actually, although it is considered an alarm clock, this part may be the simplest, the clock being composed of a set of points and numbers powered by an LED light that uses the speaker for the wake-up functions.

In addition, this alarm clock also serves as a wireless speaker, equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 technology and a 5W speaker that should provide good sound quality. One surprising point in this alarm clock is its 2600 mAh battery which promises to withstand the clock and alarm function for a long time and the wireless speaker function during a playback of about 10 hours.