MANGO Sportswear

The new sports line of the Catalan firm has opened the gateway to several of its proposals for the next autumn winter 2013 2014. Want to see that we will this winter in the gym?

Jersey dresses type, mini shorts, sweatshirts, tops, sweat pants low waist and all combined with leather jackets, biker type heaters and boots. And right now as if he were seeing … my cousin, personal trainer and addicted to spinning and TRX, with wide – eyed and dreaming that the collection and lands in stores Mango. and if we have to wait a little, we can go and catching trends with different shades of gray as the main character and style sport-chic that escanta us to go to the gym.

Finally, attention to detail of the bottles or bidoncitos for water, helmets and also fingerless gloves in leather. Before dead simple even with shoes! Photos 080 Barcelona Fashion