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Mademoiselle collection-2015 Summer of Tannerie

Mademoiselle collection-2015 Summer of Tannerie
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Tannerie Mademoiselle 2015 Summer Collection
The Tannerie, brand of women’s clothing that is in increasing development, has just released a new collection of your spring and summer 2015, titled Mademoiselle, inspired by the modern women that even with many commitments, not careless of appearance and are always elegant and with a lot of composure. Check out the collection on details:
Details of the collection and its inspirations
The new collection of Tannerie comes quite inspired by the romanticism of the sets of 40 years, with many parts with the waist-length skirts, MIDI, wheeled models, tops in delicate fabrics such as chamois, besides the cutouts made the laser that resemble lace.
The color chart and choose of materials
The new collection spring and summer 2015 the Tannerie comes bringing looks with a cheerful color chart and fun, with shades ranging from blue, yellow and pink, all merged to neutral tones, like black and white. In addition to the chamois, which has already been quoted above, the Tanerrie still invests a lot in pieces made in leather, which makes the collection much more modern and daring, but without losing the delicacy and femininity.
Modalagens summer collection
Among the choices of pieces throughout the collection are some looks like leather pants, cropped short-sleeved tops also made entirely in leather, body adjusted dresses with Ruffles beaded detail on the bar and also evasê with high waist skirts.
These pieces are stylish, but at the same time, basic because they are made from a material that never goes out of style, which is leather, and are of discrete tones. Worth investing in this type of piece that can be combined with other pieces more charming or with flashy details, but that also form beautiful looks with other neutral items.
The collection also has options of leather short shorts, ideal for assembling looks for use at parties and ballads, basic races in mesh, which make perfect match with high-waisted skirts, giving more balance to the looks, leather casaquetos for the cooler days, and also high-waisted skirts in their models straight and shot.
Learn more about the collection and the pieces by accessing the official website at: Follow the news by Instagram and the official page on the social network Facebook

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