Lumens Measure of Brightness

Watts has long been a convenient way to measure the brightness of different types of halogen bulbs, but effective LED diodes has made watts to an outdated concept. Nowadays usually measured brightness in lumens, but what is really lumens?

To measure the brightness of including head lamps, bicycle lamps and bulbs are most often used the term lumens. Lumen is a measure of light output and indicates the total amount of light a light source emitting in all directions. Currently, the lumen of the most widely used method of measurement brightness because of its consistency, a measurement of a lamp at a time normally corresponds to measurements at other times.

How is the measurement to?

When measuring the brightness of the lamp is placed in a spherical shaped globes, which measures all the light bulb secretes to thereby obtain the lamp’s total number of lumens. Unfortunately, the result is sometimes misleading for those who, for example, are looking for a head lamp that shines far as the sphere measures the total amount of light, including waste light and reflections. A headlamp with a brightness of 1000 lumens can have a longer range than a lamp with a brightness of 2,000 lumens, it all depends on the type of reflector used.

Common misconceptions regarding brightness:

“Brightness is most important when buying headlamp”, says

Obviously brightness playing a major role in the purchase of headlamp lumens but is not everything, the light image is just as important. Everyone has different needs, and some prefer the spot (narrow-beam) and river (wide beam). If you have a too strong headlamp with spot lights can even be experienced as dazzling. Strong lights consume even more power which could make a stronger light to a worse choice than a weaker model.

“Double the number of diodes providing dual brightness”

Unfortunately it is not so. In all lamps is a LED driver that provides power to the LEDs, it is not adapted for multiple diodes cannot run all full. What’s best, three diodes operated fully or six LEDs with half strength? Probably the former, a bulky lamp on the head or on the bike mount is nothing to recommend.

This misunderstanding is something that many vendors utilize, many lamps with five diodes marketed as 4000, 5000 or even up to 6000 lumens, in fact, usually these lights have a brightness of about 2,000 lumens. Below is an example of the number of diodes is not everything, Solar Storm X4 2600 lumens is equipped with 4 diodes and WB7000 is equipped with 7 pieces, which shines the brightest?