Lucrative Mozilla’s Deal with Google May Have Just

A search of Google that everyone sees in your Firefox currently is not there for nothing. A few years ago the Mozilla made ​​a deal with the world’s largest search engine to implement the search in the browser. This agreement was renewed in November 2008and would have the expiration date the last day of last month. A few days have passed, but until now Mozilla did not disclose whether the agreement was renewed or not, which puts into question the future of the company.

Since it was created, the agreement always brought lucrative fruit for Mozilla. In 2010 searches customized through the Firefox bar generated revenues which accounted for 98% of its turnover, although the company does not reveal exactly what Google’s share of this total – similar agreements with Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo are also included. So it’s a little unusual that no notice has been done about it yet.

For its part, Google told the Business Insider still has an agreement with Mozilla, but does not go into details about what it treats. And how Google search has not yet been removed with a Firefox update, it can be deduced that it will still be extended at least until the end of the year, giving Mozilla’s time to adapt to a possible change.

But what happens next? We will see a Firefox with Yahoo or Bing as the default search engine? Or Mozilla will sell to someone else to pay more, since the company has become extremely dependent on these agreements to have a good financial return? Remember that Firefox already has a version with Bing, only that it is not the standard version.

The fact is that Google has its own browser that already has traction enough to overtake Firefox, so it is natural that the seeker rethink the contract it has with Mozilla. The question is whether, first, Mozilla will even let this goose that lays the golden eggs escape, secondly, how users will react to a possible change.

I see no problem in having the Bing or Yahoo as Firefox’s default search engine, since I can change. Is that you?