Living Room Lamps Guide

Once it gets dark, we get into home and turn on the lights, because, after all, no one likes to sit at home in the dark. However, if the light is too bright and dazzling, comfort and privacy are lost. The type of vintage lighting chosen to respond adequately to the characteristics of each room needs.

Especially in the living room, lighting plays a very important role, as only with lamps lounge and appropriate lights can put on your furniture and accessories, making a living much more charming and welcoming, where you feel comfortable and totally at ease.


The design and decoration of rooms depend on the tastes and preferences of each, so that the choice of lamps lounge is also an absolutely individual decision. Living room lamps are available in a variety of styles, distinguished, largely in materials and designs.

Whether wood, metal or fabric, materials and designs lamps are very many – colored lounge. For your choice, it is always recommended to combine room lamps with other furniture or design of the room, so that they fit perfectly with the style and decoration general.


For halls and living rooms, the lighting possibilities ranging from lamps to ceiling lamps, passing lamps table. Hanging or suspension, like small bulbs, lamps are variants that can get very good result in the overall room lighting.


Living room lamps

The floor lamps are popular as living room lamps and can be found in many homes, because of its versatility and ease to accommodate different types of indoor environments. In addition, they are easy to move and not require additional installation on walls or ceilings. Often this type of room lights have a projector to the ceiling spotlight, ideal for a perfect indirect lighting. Wall sconces and pendant lights are usually placed in other areas of the room, providing an equally attractive lighting to the living room.

A good option is the combination of different types of lamps living room, creating a very personal lighting to illuminate the room with elegance and style. A table lamp and small pockets strategically placed round the general concept of lighting, while serving as fabulous decorative accessories.


When choosing the most suitable room lamps, the main thing is to specify in advance the lighting concept to be represented in the room, deciding which parts are to illuminate directly and indirectly.

As far as ceiling lights are concerned, the most common is to choose models that illuminate the room full.However, there are multiple foci composite designs that can be combined as preferred, alternating between a more or less intense lighting as needed or occasion demands.

As is the case with the ceiling lamps, other lamps living room should be chosen carefully so that they can integrate some guys with others to ensure a combination of direct and indirect lights, which create different environments and adapt to various events . Thus, the lamps located on one side of the sofa are perfect for watching TV or put on a bit of reading, and table lamps or hanging lamps offer the necessary illumination to sit and eat or enjoy a game night table.


Room lamp Original wooden foot

Whoever has the advantage of enjoying a good collection of paintings and works of art exhibited at the show, can lead to scene using spotlights and small points of light shining at these parts. This type of room lamps highlights certain elements and, in turn, provides a more indirect light to the rest of the stay.

When selecting appropriate room lamps, dare to combine designs and styles that meet your lighting needs and inspire your decorating ideas.