LED Lighting, New Campaign in Group EMOPA

EMOPA In The COPE. LED Lighting And Energy Saving With EMOPA!
Once Again We Are Committed To The Radio To Reach You.

On this occasion we have chosen Cadena Cope to accompany you in the mornings to work by the hand of Carlos Herrera, the afternoons hope match you at homecoming in The flashlightprogram.

We present 2 new radio spots but this time we want to talk to you about our project of energy saving and led lighting to zero for communities of owners cost, a very clever way of reducing costs of communities.

“Go Strip, Which I Invite You To A Cane!”

We want a sympathetic and daring way to tell our clients that there are many ways to save and not all should be involved to the user a personal effort. In this case it is clear as our friend Paco manages to reduce its expenses by 10% making sacrifices that affect you directly, on the other hand is Silvia, who explains to Paco has been the community which has made installations and modifications needed to get her savings you indirectly in the fee that must be paid from community without efforts and sacrifices personal or collective as the community nor had to make disbursements or spill according to shopareview.com.

That’s how simple and efficient are our proposals, Group Emopa.
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