LED Bulbs May Shine with the Same Color

Thinking about the future, for a lot of people, is what matters. Still, there are some nostalgics out there who do not even want to know about the innovations that the modern world has brought. One example is the inexplicable nuisance of Americans with white lights, such as LED lights. The thing seems so annoying to them that the University of Georgia has a group of researchers who managed to leave the LED with the same brightness of incandescent bulbs.

The work of the university’s staff is not yet ready, but some results already point out that it is possible to obtain in the LEDs the same yellowish “warm glow” that was seen in the lamps of the last century.However, efficiency does not follow the novelty.

For this, the team needed to combine oxides of europium, aluminum and barium, as well as graphite powder. Then they carried it all into a furnace that heated the material to 1450°C. With this encapsulated with an LED, the result was what you can see in the image. It looks like we have a real incandescent minilight that produces less heat.

In order to have this warm brightness, the LED had to sacrifice its luminous and energetic efficiency, which makes it impossible to commercialize the product as it is. Still, we hope that, over time, this problem will be solved by the researchers.