Layer up with Women’s Pullover Sweaters

Pullover sweater – a kind of sweaters, knitted fabric with a V- or U-shaped cut on the neck. Such clothes are usually hugs the figure, it looks stylish and original. pullover sweater, unlike a sweater or cardigan, no collar, a turndown and high gates around the neck.

Many girls have in their collection a few kinds of knitted products, because they can be combined with other clothing to create stunning fashion images. How to choose the most suitable for you and stylish pullover sweater what to wear with it?

Pullover Sweater – the History of Fashion

This comfortable and stylish clothing attribute takes its origins from the wardrobe Scottish sailors who wore knitted cardigans without fasteners. They are worn over the head over a wearable shirt. Such clothes perfectly warmed and protected from the weather. At the end of the XIX century the so-called jacket without buttons loved by the English competitors, golf and tennis. Guys feel comfortable doing things you love in a comfortable and practical clothing. Then, fans and supporters, mimicking their idols, began to wear “jackets without buttons.”

In women’s fashion pullover sweater introduced French Coco Chanel (, which attracted practicality, elegance and originality model. Cardigan jersey famous trendsetter recommended to combine with elements of classic trouser suit or skirt costume.

Christian Dior developed the idea in the introduction pullover sweater fashion on its runways were images of women’s good looks and sex appeal with this item of ladies’ clothes. Until the sixties wore top pullover sweater blouses, shirts, golf. Subsequently, he began to put on underwear.

Women’s pullover sweater – a stylish accent ladies’ clothes

Couturier created original styles of women’s pullover sweaters, bringing design chic flair, unusual combinations of elements of products, a variety of binding knitted models. Effectively look pullover sweater with interior motion picture; patterns “wave”, “shell”, “Spit”, fishnet diamonds used for both machine and manual knitting.Openwork patterns create the effect of mystery, the natural combination of the web in the product.

Stylish looks in one model, the compound of the combined species mating, where the background of the facial loops are symmetrically arranged strands or inserts of lace patterns. Designers offer a variety of combination knitting, by which creates magnificent clothes for the lovely ladies. Professional weave threads create the effect of leaves, flowers, braids, cobwebs, diamonds, waves, twigs, berries and other amazing pictures. Translate their ideas into a beautiful product can people with a boundless imagination and a love of beauty.

pullover sweater by a front surface of always distinguished good looks and ease. In this case, the important part of yarn, through which the product is created. Natural wool yarn – perfect material for creating knitted garments fitting silhouettes. Varieties of wool – it angora, cashmere, alpaca, mohair. Sweaters made from this material is always warm and cozy, they are always comfortable and convenient. Flax, cotton, silk, bamboo fiber are amazing summer pullover sweater. In today’s production is often in the natural composition of the synthetic fibers are added to create the elasticity and durability of the products.

Jackets can be both extended and short; Sleeve features narrow, bell-bottomed, three-quarters, “bat”, doused with a square. Leather inserts, knitted pictures, applications, pockets adorn models give them the greatest harmony and originality. To design products apply rhinestones, metal rivets, stones, sequins. A girl can choose a such a pullover sweater that will suit her tastes and preferences.

Couturier offer stylish color jersey – a beige, steel, carrot, white, sand, lilac, blue, coral. The combination of colors in a single product outside the box and look glamorous. Colors can be connected strips, divorces, asymmetrical inserts and melange yarns.


Classic style involves a combination pullover sweater without decor with pencil skirt, straight or flared trousers. This sweater is recommended to put on top of a monochromatic shirt complete with a tie or a strict brooch. Female image complement the pumps on average, or high-heeled shoes.Style involves wearing a casual open-minded models where pullover sweater worn with fashionable jeans, mini-skirts, leggings or skirts, sun. Shabby denim perfectly suited to the pullover sweater “with someone else’s shoulder” in the broad horizontal stripes. The fluffy skirt to the knee will be combined perfectly with a short jumper, having a deep cut on his chest. Flat round earrings and several bracelets on her wrist complete style combination. Stay beautiful!